• 4 Things to Consider Before Choosing an Art Reproduction Service

    Original artwork is a unique, one-in-a-million concept made by an artist who took a good long work to finish it. An example can be anything from a drawing, fashion item, painting, and sculpture to a photograph, performance art, and film. A masterpiece can only be made once and so the price can be very high that only a select few can proudly own one.

    Maybe you have a specific piece in mind, but it can cost you your whole life’s savings, so you considered getting a replica for a modest price. What matters is that you get to enjoy seeing the artwork in your place. That’s when an art reproduction service comes into play. You only have to choose what kind of artwork you want, and they will do the rest.

    Here are four ways to consider before choosing an art reproduction service:

    1. Finding an excellent art reproduction company

    An art reproduction company should invest in talented artists and materials of the highest caliber so that the finished piece is of the most exceptional quality. In order to check if they have a good reputation, you have to do your research aside from checking their website. You must read about their clients’ testimonials and look for samples of their work. There are numerous companies that provide excellent art reproduction service and you can look for a one with the

    right credentials on the Internet, such as 1st Art Gallery Reproductions.

     Understand the level of quality you want

    There are at least four kinds of art reproduction qualities, and if your budget allows it, a great company can provide you with the best one:

     Commercial quality

    This kind costs dirt cheap and is the most inferior quality available in which the coloring, shading, and details are painted in a quick manner on synthetic canvases. This kind of reproduced artwork is usually made in large art factories in China, and hotels and offices are the usual customers, ordering more than a dozen pieces.

     Medium quality

    You’ll usually see these in malls or outdoor markets as general reproductions of the original painting but lacking the precision when it comes to the details. The paints and canvases used are of mediocre quality. Although the shades may appear the same with the original, you can still distinguish the difference when you compare them side by side.

     High quality

    These artworks are almost perfect versions but may appear dull and flat compared to the original when you have a meticulous eye for detail. The tools used are also above average than the ones used in a medium-quality piece.

    • Museum quality

    Museum quality is considered the top class in art reproduction, and it’s worth investing. Only the best, creative, and seasoned painters do this work as they have extensive knowledge of different art techniques that they have developed over the years. A painting like this is akin to the ones displayed in famous art galleries. It’s the closest you can ever get into having an original work displayed in your home.

    1. Artwork copyright

    Reproducing a copyrighted work would be an infringement unless you obtain permission to use it. Artworks that are either not licensed or in the public domain because of copyright expiration can be reproduced without a problem. It’s imperative to do your research beforehand, as art reproduction companies generally decline to recreate copyrighted pieces.

    1. Great customer service

    The ability to communicate your requirements effectively to an art reproduction company is critical for a successful, hassle-free transaction. They have to be able to understand your needs and meet them as part of their professional service. A friendly customer service team who would go to great lengths to ensure that your order is done correctly is essential in choosing a company that’s right for you.


    There are hundreds of art reproduction services available especially when you search online. However, you must find the most reliable one that is sure to cater to your requirements. There are several reputable companies that hold a lot of positive feedback, so you might want to check their website to determine their credibility and read some reviews. After all, the best artworks are made by hand instead of using technology. Additionally, before placing any orders, be sure that you are comfortable with how their customer service representatives interact with you. Your peace of mind comes first, knowing that they’re doing whatever it takes to meet your needs.

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