How to Write a Winning Book Proposal

Do you want to publish your own book? Probably a lot of people want to write a book, and many have tried to do it. The big question is how to write a winning book proposal?

Writing a winning book proposal

Writing a book proposal is an important part for the publication of a future book.

Look for publishers and make book proposal. Find out what publishers want and what their conditions are. This is important for you to determine in advance the theme of the book and agreed in advance with the publisher. The better your offer, the more publishers you will find. Trust only proven publishers.

Before writing a proposal for publication – you need to understand how it all works. You can also use the professional writing service DoMyEssay to get help with writing your book proposal.

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First of all – define your goals!

Why do you write a book and what does it give you? Setting goals helps you determine the direction of your work. Decide on the genre in which you will write.

Writing a book proposal requires a lot of work and perseverance from professional Australian assignment writers and from amateurs. In your book proposal, you should include the following important parts:

  • volume and purpose of the book;
  • the relevance of the book;
  • why is it needed and can it be earned on it;
  • research of the target audience;
  • what is the value of a book;
  • what’s new in it and what is its value;
  • than your book differs from competitors;
  • show your work;
  • imagine the variations of the title of the book;
  • present individual chapters or a complete draft.

Steps to writing a book:

Title of the book

It is also important to choose the correct title of the book. It should be short and memorable. To choose a good title, go through the bookstores, ask marketers advice. The name says a lot about your work. A good name is a key to success. As a rule, the name can be changed after writing the work.

Write a work plan

Divide your book into the sections to make it easier to work. In this case, you can write your book in several stages.

It will be easier for you to concentrate:

  • Stick to your schedule writing chapters and discipline yourself.
  • Combine writing a book with physical activity.

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The next important step is the collection of material

You can use archives, libraries, interviews, audio and video files for this.

Also, you can read your thoughts on the recorder.


Think about your audience. Who are these people? What are they doing? Starting from this, take up the collection of material.

To get feedback, you can publish your thoughts and ideas on the most popular social networks, such as Tweeter, Facebook. You will receive real feedback and comments about what people like. Conduct a survey of blogs and social networks on the topic of your future book. Explore topics that have not been studied. Through social networks and popular blogs find out what the audience wants.

Selection of illustrations

For selecting illustrations, you can use your own photos. At the same time, you can buy illustrations or photos on special websites. You can also use the help of professionals and order publications in the publishing house.


Use the Instagram to select the image of your future book.

An important part of any book is the design. It must be creative and attractive. Determine the format of the book, illustrations, graphics. Ask designers for the advice. Also, ask for help from professionals who worked with successful authors.

Author Bio

In your biography should be information about your education, experience, publications. You must explain why have you written this book, and what new readers can get from reading it.

Send the offer to the publisher

The material should be relevant and interesting. The author, first of all, must study the market and determine with his audience. You must have a draft version of the book.

So, in order to write a winning book proposal, you need to get acquainted with all the important features of writing and publishing books. Since the introduction of the Amazon Kindle, ebooks have become very popular and so you may want to find out how to publish an ebook so that you can take advantage of that market too. On our website, you will find a lot of information about this and much more!

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