Artist Spotlight: Andrius Zakarauskas

The Judgment Day 160 x 145, 2017.

Among the new generation of painters, Andrius Zakarauskas is one of the rising figures of the Lithuanian art scene. 

Working in large formats, more adapted to our time, Andrius Zakarauskas links the history of painting with his history. He uses particular tools to obtain expressive and significant features. He is the hero of his paintings. 

Once in Kaunas, 170 x 180, 2013.

The first paintings of Zakarauskas had an anxious atmosphere. The moderately marked figures seem ephemeral. People become shadows. In many of them, the self-portrait is reflected. Its discreet monochromatic palette is full of subtle shades of gray and blue-gray, deep dark tones of black and brown. This range is illuminated by small bright details of white, pink, teal, blue or light brown. The intensity of the illusion feeds on patterns of painting. It seems that the painter and the audience at the same time. Zakarauskas erases the line between him and the painting. He portrays a state of melancholy.

The main task of this young painter is to feel an energy in the imposing canvases. His paintings are fragments of which Andruis with a significant gesture enlarges. The artist looks for a fusion in his colored composition where the characters mix with the environment. Andrius Zakarauskas is affirmed in each new painting. 

Remake. 135 x 150 cm, oil on canvas, 2017.

In his new work, Andrius Zakarauskas continues to return to questions about the nature of creativity and the myth of the divinity of the creator.

With this very contemporary work, where humility is mixed with audacity, Andrius renews the long tradition of the art of Christian inspiration with a singular focus, which has become extremely rare nowadays in the sense that it is not naive. neither confusing nor provocative. The common denominator of these events is joy and the reactivation of life.

Miracle, oil canvas, 180 x 160, 2018.

Andrius Zakarauska wants viewers to have an impact on their minds through painting. He wants to provoke emotions through these visual stories. using their knowledge and feelings. A particular tension characterizes the work of Zakarauskas: although his painting is representative and figurative. Andrius Zakaraukas is still intrigued by the intensity of his painting.

– Séverine Vanina

Prophet, oil on canvas;406.4 x 368.3 cm, 2017.
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