Physical Laws that People Perceive as a Miracle

We believe that humans started questioning our world around them the very minute they realized they existed. A little baby’s instinct, to touch and explore an environment around him, is a manifestation of what early humans must have felt while exploring and getting to know their world.

For years and centuries, people tried to find answers to physical phenomena around them. When they were lucky enough, they would document their findings for the future generations to study. Sometimes, they would prove totally wrong as modern science gave us more tools to study and experiment physical laws. On other occasions, they would just call these phenomena miracles, until they had the chance to study them further and better.

If you love mystery and suspense, then studying physics and philosophy can be a great choice. After all, the best mystery books in the world can’t beat hidden and unknown secrets of our universe. The human mind tried to find answers to every question, but it wasn’t always successful. Even today, there are a lot of people who still believe that current scientific theories are not enough to explain our existence.

Are Physical Laws Meant to Be Broken?

This is one of the main philosophy concepts that scholars have always wanted to study. If you want to write an academic assignment or an essay about the topic, you can hire one of the exceptional writers who work for this assignment service. Or you can start your own research by reading books and study what famous philosophers thought about the nature of physical laws.

Religious people believe that our world was made by God and all physical laws that govern the way it works. But since he made them, he can break them if necessary. There is a big correlation between the nature of biblical miracles that people couldn’t comprehend in past and the laws of physics that we can easily understand now. Philosophers might view things differently as some of them believed in a universal force that governed and controlled everything.

Miracles of the Past:

All the weird and unexplained phenomena that people used to perceive as miracles can now be easily interpreted and understood. There is still a room for imagination but modern science and computers can help us learn more about our world.

The Novaya Zemlya Effect:

This is more than just some beautiful colors in the sky. This physical phenomenon is caused by refraction of the sunlight which gives the illusion that the sun is rising earlier than it should. It is some kind of polar mirage that must have been viewed as a miracle by people who lacked the necessary scientific equipment to understand laws behind what they see. However, with the advancement in scientific technologies, we’re now able to explore elements we never knew existed. Now that we understand science in greater detail and frequently use scientific equipment to measure various environments. These technologies also apply for the lab, for example, if you have a look at these hotplate stirrers and the experiments they are used for, you’ll begin to comprehend how fast science has progressed in the last 20 years. We now understand where these mirages come from and how they happen.

Although the Novaya Zemlya effect was first documented in the 15th century, but until the 20th century scientists didn’t have proper tools to prove its authenticity.

Yet this phenomenon can elevate the objects above the horizon, historical proofs show that the Vikings might have used it to discover Greenland and Iceland which are invisible from mainland in normal conditions.

The Fata Morgana:

Ancient people were unable to explain a lot of phenomena around them. They believed that everything they couldn’t fully comprehend was related to witchcraft or God’s miracles. One of them is the Fata Morgana which is in fact a complicated form of superior mirage.×319.jpg

As light rays pass through different layers of the air, they get refracted and bent thus distorting an image to the extent that sometimes object becomes unrecognizable. It can happen on land or in the sea, and usually changes fast. It was very difficult to understand the nature of distorted and changed images, so people even named it after Morgan le Fay, a famous sorceress and magician who is directly related to King Arthur and his famous legend.

The Brocken Spectre:

It is an enormous shadow of an object that is cast on the clouds opposite the sun. The top or head of a shadow are usually surrounded by rings of light that resemble halo rings. That are often drawn around the heads of saints. This is why most of the ancients viewed this physical phenomenon as a miracle.

The phenomenon is usually seen on misty mountainsides where sun shines from behind the observer. The size of the shadow is usually the result of optical illusion. If the cloud layer moves, shadow will accordingly move, which is why a lot of ancient people believed this to be caused by ghosts. The Brocken Spectre was amazingly magical that it inspired a lot of poems, paintings, and other forms of artwork.

Does Modern Science Make Miracles Impossible?

In religious books, miracles usually happen to teach a lesson. They are usually a part of a certain narrative that people can agree or disagree with. However, modern science has found an explanation for a lot of intriguing events that were previously called miracles.

Otherwise, some people believe that modern science can explain miracles, not debunk them. It simply presents a bigger miracle by explaining how our world works.

Natural laws can’t and don’t limit power that controls the universe. The name and nature of this power are subject to personal and academic interpretation. But there is one fact that we all believe in regardless of our cultural and religious differences; that science can prove new things every single day. The more we learn and work, the better we will be able to understand our world and its laws.

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