Only The Naturally Selected Survive

“Natural Selection” at Galerie Protégé, installation view, New York.

Every art season, it is a safari out there and only the biggest art stars get the lion’s share of the spotlight. This year ARTE FUSE and Galerie Protégé partnered up on an expedition to find the emerging talent in contemporary art, which they naturally selected to fifteen to be in the season opener of the gallery. Both the publication and the gallery had the curated ideals of featuring artists that need attention and exposure. Curator Alison Pierz came in as the third person to join in selecting work for the juried exhibition and open call. More than 300 submissions came in and it took some eagle eye focus to drill down plus the help of an app that scores then tabulates their choices – the final fifteen were naturally selected.

Opening night for “Natural Selection” at Galerie Protégé.

The naturally selected were: Jacob Hicks, Alfonso Oliva, Rodolfo Edwards, Senem Oezdogan, Sofia Echa, Ronald Gaonzalez, Lindsay Fackrell, Day + Waldman, Cassandra Zampini, Maia Radanovic, Kjeld Tidermand, Krista Svalbonas, Sarabeth Domal, Snow Yunxue Fu and Eleni Giannopoulou.

Artist Jacob Hicks in front of his painting “Martyr 3”.

Jacob Hicks won a studio visit and interview, which will be featured soon in ARTE FUSE. As everyone came to peruse the menagerie of art thoughtfully curated in the space, there can be no argument in seeing the supreme level of artistry and workmanship for each piece. The paintings, multi media, video, drawings and sculpture installation were buttressed next to each other to have a steady rhythmic pace. Each one was a leader of the pack and downright exotic creatures of beauty. In providing this platform, we can hope that each one will thrive and be fierce forces in the competitive NY art jungle.

Not only the strong survive – it takes finesse and sheer talent to navigate the ruthless terrain of the art world. And from what we’ve seen, the claws are sharpened to dig in and muscles are conditioned to run the race. Naturally, it gets you to the finish line.


Article by: Oscar A. Laluyan

Selected images from the artists courtesy of the gallery

Photography by: Jamie Martinez


Natural Selection

2017 Juried Exhibition by Galerie Protégé, ARTE FUSE and Alison Pierz

On View: September 7 – October 3, 2017

Hours: M,W,F, Sat 10 am – 6 pm / T, Th 10 am – 7:30 pm / Sun CLOSED

Galerie Protégé. 197 9th  Avenue (lower level). NYC, NY 10011

(L-R) Paintings by Jacob Hicks and Sofia Echa 
(L-R) Maia Radanovic, Rodolfo Edwards and Senem Oezdogan
Installation by Eleni Giannopoulou
(L-R) “Side” by Snow Yunxue Fu, “Migrator 10” by Krista Svalbonas, “Sky” by Alfonso Oliva, and “Follow Me” by Cassandra Zampini.
(R-L)) “#2” by Sarabeth Domal, “Dwell 1” by Lindsay Fackrell, “Fluidity #13” by Sofia Echa, and “Martyr 3” by Jacob Hicks.
(L-R) “Sky” by Alfonso Oliva, and “Follow Me” by Cassandra Zampini.
(L-R) Jurors for “Natural Selection”, Arte Fuse publisher Jamie Martinez, curator Alison Pierz and gallerist Jaclyn Acker from Protégé Gallery.
Artist Beth Waldman in front of her collaboration with Jenny Day at the Opening.
Opening night for “Natural Selection” at Galerie Protégé.
Artist Rodolfo Edwards in front of his work.
Artist Sofia Echa in front of her painting “Fluidity #13”
Oscar Laluyan

Oscar Laluyan

Oscar A. Laluyan is a critic, curator and an art writer for several online publications, . He has worked in a museum and at an art gallery founded by a former architect of Richard Meier's firm. His passion for contemporary art is reflected and directed to seeing the future.

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