Most Famous Art Galleries in the World

Aristotle was one of the most prominent philosophers in the entire history, and he gave one of the best explanations of art. He said that art is the realisation of a true idea in an external form, he explained that humans get pleasure from art because of the relatability of art and life. Art galleries are one of the best places to witness art, and there are thousands of art galleries around the globe representing various forms of art from different cultures and civilisations. Mr Mobi Casino has conducted a survey of the most famous art galleries around the world and based on the result the below list of top art galleries is created.

Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.

-Henry Ward Beecher


Musee d’Orsay in Paris

Paris is one of the very few places where art flourished greatly. Musse d’Orsay is one of the biggest art galleries in the world which holds numerous outstanding works from ingenious minds. It includes many modern arts including Van Gogh.


National Palace Museum in Taipei

This art museum is in China and has a collection of art which are roughly four thousand years old. The interesting factor about this museum is that it has an exquisite collection of various Chinese art items including ceramics, decorative carvings, embroidery, calligraphy and books and documents.


Tate Modern in London

Tate Modern is probably one of the very few museums around the world to have a humongous number of art collections from various time periods and to display them in a similar theme from different time periods.


National Gallery in London

It was established in 1824 and is one of the oldest art museums in the UK. This museum has a remarkable collection of the thirteenth century to the 1900s. Various works of many renowned artists including Michelangelo (it is famous not because he is worth around £35 million in today’s money but due to the divinity in his work.)


British Museum in London

British Museum has around eight million works where most of them are permanent collections. Most significant works from various continents are available here. Some of the artworks are arranged in chronological order starting from the early stages of human beings to the current period.


Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York

This museum houses various sculptures and magnificent paintings from multiple places and different times. It also contains various elements such as antique weapons, musical instruments, clothes and much more.


The Louvre Museum in Paris

This is the museum where the world-famous painting Mona Lisa is present. It has been in the top of the most visited museums since its opening. In 2011 8.8 million of people attended this museum from all over the world. The museum has eight departments where over 35,000 art materials are available.

As said before, the above list is generated based on the survey conducted by Mr Mobi Casino. There are numerous other museums and art galleries around the world which are not mentioned in this list.

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