• Art takes Manhattan Fair

    Pool by Yannickn Fournié

    This spring Frieze Art Week receives one big addition: the fourth edition of Art takes Manhattan. The fair takes place in arguably the best space in Chelsea. It will cover the 22,700 sq ft of the former Robert Miller Gallery at 524 W 26th Street opening on the evening of May 4th and closing its doors on Sunday, May 7th. This New York Landmark has recently hosted personalities such as Patti Smith and exhibition as resounding as Lee Krasner.

    Anna Paola Pizzocaro

    It’s the only art fair in West Chelsea, Manhattan’s gallery district, making it a perfect gathering point for a larger exploration of what the finest galleries have to offer; from Gagosian one block away, to James Cohan across the street or Galerie Lelong next door.

    Inside you’ll find a collection of what Art takes Manhattan define as highly skilled contemporary art. Such as the colossal Golden Pears that Prometheus threw at the goddesses to steal the fire, or the larger than life modern angels painted by Yannick Fournié, or the delightfully reminiscing warmth of Michael Beck’s paintings, and the oneiric animal floods photographed by Anna Paola Pizzocaro.

    John Wilson White

    The show prominently displays the new Art takes Manhattan Virtual Reality services for artists galleries and collectors, with live demonstrations and projections of the modular virtual spaces where anyone can hang its collection with a simple interface and allow the public to enjoy it from the other side of the world as if they were in the gallery. The experience is jaw-dropping.

    Michael Beck

    Art takes Manhattan brings the finest art worldwide to the heart of Manhattan, opening Manhattan’s art market to artists beyond its boundaries so start looking for hotels in manhattan and come and see the phenomenal art. Adjacent to the High Line walking park in the heart of Chelsea’s art district, Art takes Manhattan features an extraordinary selection of contemporary artists such as: Anna Paola Pizzocaro, Ariane Ahlmann, Audrey Shachnow, Daniel McKinley, David Rohn, Franco Brocchi, Jos Stumpe, Laura McClanahan, Lauren Cutler, Lisa Levasseur, Louise van Delden, Matthew James, Marcelle Mansour, Michael Beck, Mira Satryan, Paul Morris, Pier Paolo Bandini, Renée Palermo, Rosemary Cotnoir, Sara Kohrt, Theo Marmolejo Constante, Tim Taylor, Tom Hooper, Yannick Fournié

    The unique proposition of Art takes Manhattan Fair is a mixture of online and onsite art show. Collectors can review, fall in love, and order the entire exhibition at arttakesmanhattan.org/store before and after appreciating the artworks in person at the onsite exhibition.

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