• The Secret Geometry of Disarming at Dorsky Gallery

    Disarming Geometries curated by Gabriel de Guzman at Dorsky Gallery.

    It’s a process, as they give up- while they are scrutinizing it all, filtering from their judgment. That’s what you feel at Dorsky Gallery’s Disarming Geometries. You hear silent screams and stripping vibes, as the chorus of fine artists exhibit their auras for the disdain of times and seeking refuge in the mannerisms of their perceptions and receptions. Subtle, and yet prompting illusions dripping from the walls.

    Gabriel De Guzman has meaningfully curated the collection like notes in perfumery. The progression personifies the secret geometry improvised by chance, of how artists from varying backdrops collide to bring a unity of command to the principal theme.

    There are glaring technical nuances as the artists draw liberties of their imaginations leaving statements of scattered longing that activated from my perception from Shanti Grumbine’s “Blue Rose.” Eccentrically spread- It will stand still in your moment. From there on, Christine Wong Yap’s Inter/dependence is thinking loudly in a peculiar puzzle of thought process and ambition. Out of the box, yet quite intriguing in terms of its unpredictable appeal, as she manages to match your attention span.

    Disarming Geometries curated by Gabriel de Guzman at Dorsky Gallery.

    Hannes Bend’s “Multiverses” reminded me of African art that I came to embrace during my French visit in one of the African art stores near some remote suburb of Toulouse. It took me back to the memories and it had that geometric emblem splattered in a platter of colors. Riding through the tides of circular contrasts and saturations engraved in the vibrant mood.

    Glenn Fischer’s “Most Popular” is an emotional journey as he compiles a random collection of designs amalgamated through a stylish pattern, depicted much like an assortment of flags of the world. The meaning remains as open-ended for the viewer as much as it retains for the artist. A very colorful representation of geometry through the eyes of the truth and memory accumulation.

    These are some teasers, glances and phases that one witnesses through this delicate yet refined display. The sense of abstraction along with the point of reference and boundary of geometric semblance is quite sensitively achieved. Left me mesmerized through the deepness of thought; yet it also pronounced my general opinion of how the artists give up their track of curiosity, as they unveil their artistic method by following the patterns that lay within the brilliance of their strokes.

    Tatiana Istomina, Here are my reasons, oil canvas, 60 x 48 in

    The masterful and daring- Tatiana Istomina’s portrayal of Helene’s Story is sensitively captured while it stays dramatically hysterical. Louis Althusser- the prominent French Philosopher strangled his wife Helene and was pardoned on the grounds of insanity. Tatiana’s sheds a light of empathy on this forgotten injustice; via her deeply unnerving performance-based work in progress masterpiece. She signifies the lost cause behind the lost soul of famous person’s wife. It is jolting, it is shocking and it spotlights the incredible imagination and floating humanism- when she draws the attention of the witnessing crowd while picturing this largely unnoticed catastrophe.

    Participating artists: Hannes bend, Glenn Fischer, Shanti Grumbine, Nicholas Hamilton, Samantha Holmes, Maria Hupfield, Tatiana Istomina, Glendalys Medina, Mitch Paster, Armita Raafat, Martyna Szczesna, Ryan Turley, & Christine Wong Yap.


    March 26, 2017, 3:00-4:30pm
    Performing Geometries
    A Performance by Shanti Grumbine and Short Film Screening by Tatiana Istomina
    followed by a Conversation with the Artists and Exhibition Curator, Gabriel de Guzman

    Seating will be limited
    RSVP 718-937-6317 or rsvp: rsvp@dorsky.org


    Disarming Geometries Curated by Gabriel Guzman at Dorksy Gallery

    Jan 15 – March 26th, 2017

    Atif A K

    Atif A K

    Atif A K is a New York based copywriter, film maker and poet. He has been on international advertising circuit since last 17 years working with leading ad networks and Fortune 500 brands. He is an avid art follower and has been writing poetry for over a decade. His poems often cover themes of romance, psychological darkness, universalism and humor.

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