The Art of Calligraphy Writing in Modern World. What need does calligraphy still posses in the digital age

To begin with, a short introduction to calligraphy: Calligraphy is the art of writing words and alphabets in a decorative way, unlike what a paper writing service does with the words; it is a means of rendering form and expression to a sign or symbol with harmony. Calligraphy can be utilized in functional inscriptions to productions in fine-arts. Calligraphy is popular in logo-designing, in films and television, on wedding invitations, socio-religious ceremonies, certificates of all sort, memorial documents and of the like.

The common tools of calligraphy are brushes and pen. Usually a pen with a flat and rounded nib is used. Multi-nibbed pens are also implemented. To name a few writing tools for Calligraphy would be the quill, the fountain pen, the qalam (used in classical calligraphic writing of the Quran), ink brushes and so on. Nowadays ball point pens and felt-pens are also used for calligraphic productions.

With books, essay writings, papers, journals being digitized every day and given the ease of storage on a digital platform, we barely think of keeping a written record of important events or documents; you have your PCs and laptops and smart-phones to back up your data. Here are a few things that can help one gauge the importance and benefits of the habit of calligraphy.

  • A fine balance

Nowadays we process a lot of information, thanks to internet and innumerable web-based contents. A need of hand-writing academic papers is fading away. Students can type their assignments.

According to the website that writes your essay for you such tendency is widely endorsed among modern youth. This tend to put a lot of stress on our brains, we are processing data on a lightning speed regularly. Calligraphy teaches you to coordinate your eye and hand. An essential aspect of calligraphy is the movement of your hand and that has a lot to do with how you channel your inner energy and that also in the right amount. A calligrapher has to master this balance. Such a process is similar to other forms of physical activities like martial arts, tai chi, yoga, meditation; how to control the energy in your body and utilize it in an activity. To learn more on why calligraphy is still an important craft to learn go to 9Mousai.

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  • Advantages and benefits

The art of calligraphy has a lot to do with the appearance of the work. Although some calligraphers tend to utilize the art in order to reflect the content or to be more appropriate, the beauty of his writing. Say for instance, one finishes his custom writing and is working on the cover of his work. If the title is written in a calligraphic rendition then it ups the attractiveness of the work. When it reaches the hand of the examiner, it will instantly grab his attention. He’ll notice the candidate has really put his effort in the project.

Besides, with such a skill, one can be employed in the field of custom writing. One can also utilize his calligraphic skill in designing their business identity. It is catchier than a computer generated design since it preserves the human touch and like the research writing instance here too it reflects on the effort to make one more presentable to the people, it shows that one wants people to like him or his work. So if you enjoy calligraphy and you’re wanting to get your work out there for people to see and enjoy themselves, in this digital age you might benefit from learning how to design a website easily using the help of a site like or similar to

Amidst the daily bombardment of digital information, calligraphy offers you some personal space and helps you relax. Anybody can learn calligraphy as there is no age bar on it. Plus, it is also very inexpensive, hence easily affordable. If you are a painter or an artist you can use your calligraphic prowess to render a kind of uniqueness to your art as well. It is not possible to enumerate the plethora of benefits that this physical art of writing has to offer in limited words so just a few have been spoken of.



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