Creating on Your Phone or Device: Top Android Apps for Today’s Starving Artists

The romantic image of the Starving Artist is ingrained in everybody’s mind: a lone person, suffering for their art, barely having enough money to get by. The reality is that there really are a lot of artists who love what they do but don’t have the money they would like to in order to continue.

This doesn’t mean that they can’t keep on creating. With today’s mobile devices, there are hundreds of apps that are targeted directly to artists, and many of them are cheap or very inexpensive. You don’t have to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on supplies when you have the opportunity to color, paint, draw and design directly on your smartphone or tablet. Here are a couple of great apps to try if you want to get creative on a budget.


Coloring Book for Me & Mandala

Not only is coloring and shading one of the most important foundations of any artistic endeavor, it can also be a very relaxing experience. This Android app for your devices brings all of the joy and artistic expression of coloring books directly to your smartphone or tablet.

You can choose from more than 25 different color pallets that have eight colors in each, so you can always find the exact colors you are looking for to create a masterpiece. You can find many different designs to color as well, everything from wildlife and people to places and geometric shapes and patterns.

Once you are finished, you can easily share your creations with friends and family through email or through social media platforms. The app is updated regularly with new content and designs.



For artists who like to create their own drawing from scratch, this sketching app is a great way to get your ideas down and take them to completion.

The app boasts over 10 different brush and pencils sets that allow you really hone in on the type of lines and shapes you are looking for. There are also many different blending modes you can choose from so you can always get the perfect shading.

You can also record your work so you can share it with your network of artists and friends and they can watch how you completed your work step by step.


Planner 5D

Maybe you’ve always wanted to be an interior designer but haven’t had the time or money necessary to learn. That doesn’t mean you can’t follow your dream. This design app lets you play around with hundreds of different objects so you can learn how to design the perfect space.

You can choose from 2D, 3D, and Virtual reality mode so you can get any view you want of the spaces you can work with. You then populate the spaces with objects, from couches and other furniture to carpet and wall coloring and even plants to spruce up your space.

Just because you’re short on cash doesn’t mean you can’t still get creative. Try one of these apps and see what you can create.

William Cole is an art teacher and passionate about letting your inner child out and being creative, no matter what your age. His articles appear on a range of lifestyle blogs.



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