• When Talent Meets Technology: A Look at Today’s New Digital Artists


    Traditional art media have long relied on the individual talent and imagination of the artist. However, advances in digital technology have broadened the landscape for artists to express their creative inspirations.

    These days, it’s possible for artists to create amazing digital artworks right from their laptops. The key is to combine the right software programs with inspired creativity and imagination.

    One of the biggest advantages digital artists have over their traditional contemporaries is the ability to upload and share their completed pieces with the world. As such, it’s now easier than ever for people on the opposite side of the world to appreciate so many pieces brought to digital life by bright, emerging artists.

    Here are some of today’s top digital artists to watch for:

    Alberto Seveso: Digital artist Alberton Seveso’s portfolio is truly inspiring. The young artist is a master of Photoshop, using his talent and creative outlook to design artwork for some of the world’s major brands, including Sony and Nikon.

    Petra Cortright : Using a unique combination of digital and traditional tools, Petra Cortright creates stunning paintings that explore the real nature of online consumption. The art pieces she creates are designed and composed on a computer and then transferred or rendered onto different media to create a tangible finished artwork.

    Natalie Shau: Natalie Shau specializes in digital illustration using mixed media. Much of her imaginative portfolio features illustrations that border on the fantastical in nature.

    Michael Manning: Michael Manning is a mixed media artist who designs and composed on a computer before transferring the completed image onto canvas. The final piece is then touched up with additional acrylic brushstrokes to produce the layered look of a real painting.

    Melvin Zelissen: Melvin Zelissen is a graphic designer and digital artist dedicated to creating deeply imaginative futuristic sci-fi and fantasy artwork using Photoshop to produce stunning effects.

    Aaron Campbell: Aaron Campbell is a Canadian digital artist and illustrator focused on creating stunning digital paintings and abstract art. His extensive portfolio is filled with bold imagery and some of his clients include DreamWorks, Adobe and Nike, to name a few.

    Martin Grohs: Martin Grohs is a digital artist with a strong focus on image manipulation, illustration and graphic design. Much of his stunningly diverse art is created using Photoshop, Illustrator, and Cinema 4D.

    Chris LaBrooy: Chris LaBrooy is a digital artist focused on creating amazingly diverse 3D imagery. The inspiration behind his creative artworks is the opportunity to take everyday items and turn them into unexpected sculptural forms.

    Nicolas Obery: Nicolas Obery is a French digital artist and graphic designer with an incredible depth of imagination and skill. The pieces within his portfolio are decidedly dark, predominantly in grayscale with very little accenting color, but the sheer talent behind each piece is mind-blowing.

    There are so many existing and emerging digital artists taking the art world by storm and expanding the boundaries of what is possible. As technology advances and software programs continue to offer digital artists more options for displaying their creative talents, we can only hope to see even more stunning art produced in the future.

    Aimee Kirk has always ‘dabbled’ in art, creating a few oil paintings over the years for friends and family. But she is now exploring a new hobby in the form of digital art, and so far she’s loving it!


    Writing by Jane Davies


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