• Share Your Talents: How to Sell Your Art Online and Make a Pretty Profit

    We all know the stereotype of the starving artist. But if you create art that you want to sell online, there is no reason why you can’t make good money out of it.

    You could even turn it into a successful full-time income.

    But how do you start? Here are the steps you need to take to sell your art online and make a profit.

    Launch a Website

    The first thing you need to do is launch your own website. This will become your hub. You can use it for branding and to sell your work directly.

    You could use a platform like WordPress, a dedicated e-commerce platform using shopify store designs, or even a simple drag-and-drop website builder like Weebly. You will need a payment processing solution, but these are easy to set up. You may even want to use something like PayPal to start with. Once your sales figures are up, you can look into more long term and cheaper payment processing options. Check out these Shopify reviews if you want a nice and simple platform to start with.

    Then launch a blog and post insightful tips and information regularly. The aim of this is to drive more people to your website over time so that they can find your art and buy it directly from you.

    Sell on Third-Party Platforms

    As well as launching your own website, you may want to sell your art on third-party websites as well. There are many websites to choose from. Amazon and eBay are the two biggest and most well known, but there are plenty of others.

    Etsy, deviantART, Zazzle, and Artfire are all dedicated to selling artistic products, making the perfect for your artwork. Choose one or a few to launch a presence on, and promote your art to get more customers.

    Connect with Relevant Businesses

    As well as selling your work directly to customers via your own site and third-party sites, you can also contact businesses that can sell your work to their own customers. For example, follio.com sells the work of independent artists to customers, so if you get listed with them, you could find that this is another way to sell your work. It will also open up more options in terms of prints and framing where you are effectively selling derivatives of your work.

    Other online businesses may pay you royalties to print your work. These can be good ways to make more money from your art, so they are worth researching.

    Market on Social Media

    No matter where you are selling your artwork, you will need to market yourself to get found by more customers. Social media is a great place to start, so set up a presence on Pinterest and any other sites you want to get involved with. Then post pictures of your work, comment on the work of other artists, answer questions, get involved, and be active in the community. You will soon grow your network, leading to more sales.

    Build an Email List

    Finally, make sure you build your own email list. You can do this on your website by encouraging people to sign up and providing them with a freebie in return. Once people are on your list, you can target them with details of special offers, new work, seasonal promotions, and more, encouraging them to buy your work. Integrating Zero Bounce with your mailing list can help to collect information from your contacts as well as clean and enhance the mailing list by checking the validity of email addresses.

    Start Selling Your Art Today

    These are simple but effective tactics for selling your artwork online. If you want to make money from your art, it’s easier than ever these days when you use the internet. So launch a website, choose your third-party platforms, and start marketing to make a good living as an artist.

    Aimee Stewart is an artist and all round creative gal who sells her work thanks to the internet. She shares her tips with others on how and where to sell, and how to make a success of their creative business.



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