Acid Free at Lazy Susan Gallery

Opening night for Acid Free at Lazy Susan Gallery.

Throughout the history of art there has been an interrelationship, if not a tension, between so-called “fine” art and craft, as artists sought for centuries to reach a higher social status than that of simple craftsman. In today’s market filled with celebrity artists and multi-million dollar price tags it is easy to forget both this struggle and the fine line between art and craft.

Penis (2016), 14”x40”x6”, steel, chiffon, acrylic, beads, sequins, and vinyl by MAVA.

In Acid Free, a group exhibition curated by Jill Conner at Lazy Susan Gallery, the overlap between art and craft is not only recognized but celebrated. Works by the three artists in the exhibition utilize materials traditionally associated with crafting rather than the traditionally recognized artistic fields of painting, sculpture etc. Visually, this connection is not one that immediately comes to mind upon entering the exhibition but it is invariably there.

Artwork by Christybomb

Most notable amongst the three artists in the exhibition is Christybomb, whose monochromatic fabric-backed pieces of woven yarn and other materials are subtly beautiful examples of geometric improvisation. MAVA similarly uses fabric and other materials to create intricate image based works that can be linked to the world of high fashion as well as art. Rounding out the exhibition are paintings by Sally Ko, in which she creates melting, deconstructed, plastic-like surfaces, which contrary to the title of the exhibition, almost resemble acid drips.

(L-R) Christybomb, Mava and Sally Ko

All in all, Acid Free serves as a great opportunity to view works by three young artists using craft materials as a means to produce what is traditionally considered “fine” art and has as much in common with painting and sculpture as it does craft and fashion, representing this latest trend in the blending of high and low in art.


Acid Free  curated by Jill Conner at Lazy Susan Gallery

New works by Christybomb, MAVA, Sally Ko

October 26 – November 1, 2016

Photographs by The CultureLP

Installation shot of Acid Free at Lazy Susan Gallery.
Close up to Penis (2016), 14”x40”x6”, steel, chiffon, acrylic, beads, sequins, and vinyl by MAVA
Jennifer Wolf

Jennifer Wolf

Jennifer Wolf is an art administrator and writer living in Brooklyn, NY. She has worked in Chelsea galleries since 2010, and holds degrees in art history from Stony Brook University and Hunter College.

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