• How To Start A T-Shirt Business

    The excitement of having your own t-shirt business and making a $100,000 profit every month is exciting. It is the American dream comes true.

    Like any other business, it takes a time to hit a home run with this business. But that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed in business. You can succeed in t-shirt business when your arm yourself with the right information. For example, as with any business you’ll want to make sure that you have the right insurance, just in case something happens. You might want to check out something like this public liability insurance from tradesmansaver to give you a better idea of what you should get for your business, to make sure you do succeed. You will also need to invest in a professional t-shirt heat pressas well as sine GTV Vinyl rolls.

    Information that accelerates your growth in the long haul. And in this article, you’ll find the best information that you’ve have never thought of about running a successful t-shirt business.
    Spy On Your Competitor

    Just because you have a passion for running the business, doesn’t mean that you’ll succeed. You have to know your competitors. Researching your competitor will open your eyes to the following things:

    • How many units they sell per week, month and year
    • How they promote their products
    • How they cut their cost
    • How many best-selling units they have
    • Their promotional and marketing strategy
    • How many employees they have
    • What customers are saying about their brand in the social media?
    • The authority they have on the internet
    • and much more

    Information like this powerful. It helps you prepare your business. It also opens your eyes on the breakdown this apparel company is having and you can exploit that for your own advantage. From everything to business electricity prices. Its always a good idea to compare business electricity prices to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

    When most people hear about research, they study two companies who they think are best and their research is over. The best way to gain much information is to study the best companies in the t-shirt business.

    Check off list: Conduct a six month research on 10 brands that you think are your competitor
    Sales and Market Research

    People that become entrepreneurs or rather millionaires have one secret in common.

    What do you think? Time management, passion, courage, no. You can’t grow your business with passion, time management or courage; you only grow a business through sales.

    The reasons why most companies are not hitting their quotas is because they have a poor marketing strategy. Sales and marketing are the fuel that propels the business forward.

    As a businessperson you must have sales and marketing skills. Take a course on sales. The best place to start is reading Grand Cordon books on sales and marketing. This guy has built $ 400 million dollar empire because he is the leading authority in sales worldwide. No matter what your business consists of, If you are looking to grow it, you check out something like employee benefits brokers, who assist in Quoting plans, negotiating the renewal, assisting with claims and billing issues and more.

    If you take one course from this guy for a year, then you’ll know how to beat the hell out of your competitor. In fact, your competitor will start thinking of you when they hear t-shirt business and that is what you want. To build a strong brand with loyal customers that you support your business through repeat sales.

    Check off list: Take a course on marketing, it will pay off. Or read 10 marketing books. You only grow a business through sales.

    After you have taken a course on marketing or read books, then the next step is planning. For starters, you need to create a mission statement, vision, objectives and goal for your business.

    At this stage, you need to write a comprehensive business plan show your business projection in the next 6 months, one or two years.

    You need to document your marketing and promotional strategy. A plan is like a road map. If you have a no business plan, no investor can take a risk of investing your business.

    Check off list: Spare out one or two months to plan your next course of action once you launch your business. Failing to plan is planning to fail.
    Have a Professional Looking Website

    You need to have a clean website that showcases your brand. A website is like a sales tool that runs 24/7. In other words, it is your salesman and can reach several people around the globe.

    However, that doesn’t mean that a website is a sales pitch. Most online shoppers will look at your website before they even buy from you. They’ll read your content and try to understand what you’re selling.

    If you have read marketing book or taken a course, you should be in a position to write the best content on your site that will instill readers with trust and persuade them to buy.

    The best content is content that appeals to their emotions, desires, dissolve their fears and quench their thirst. That’s the only way people will start paying attention and start buying from you.

    Check off list: Create a clean-looking SEO website and update it with spellbinding content about your company.
    Spend More Time on Marketing and Promotion

    If your t-shirt business makes record low sales it is because of two main reasons: Poor marketing strategy or poor product. But even a poor product can increase company sales as long as the company has the best marketing and promotional strategy.

    I have seen companies with poor product but they record profit year after year with good marketing plan and promotion. If you spend your time on the product design and marketing, you will make great profit.

    Marketing involves testing every strategy to find out what is appealing to customers. Professional marketers understand that there is no better marketing strategy unless it is backed with good data from testing different variables.

    That said, when your business grows, you’ll need to have an excellent marketing team. These are the guys that increase your t-shirt business bottom line, without these guys your business is dead.

    Check off list: review your marketing and promotional strategy. Test every marketing material and copy that you create to find out what appeals to your customers and the best way to hit your quotas.

    Do you know why a most authors, designers, programmers, coders, artist, even lawyers and doctors remain poor? Okay not all, but the majority. The answer will surprise you.

    It is not that they offer inferior services or products. In fact, these class of people have better products and services. The problem is they have zero marketing skills. If you have a better product that you believe in and excellent marketing skills, you’ll print your own money. I am telling you this from my marketing perspective and if there is one skill that will determine your success in t-shirt business is marketing.



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