• Hautenovi WTF 2016: FTW & Get in While You Can

    WTF Poster

    Photography by Chello Cruz
    Photo by Chello Cruz

    It’s just not about drinks and food. It’s just not about hanging out too. It’s also just not about moving n shaking. It’s about a fulfilling, raw and exhaustive experience. It’s a brand new vibe, for the brand new crowd (chicks & guys both). We will collide to create a new-wave urban fest. A futuristic experience, on a contemporary note.

    This is none of those predictable mixers where people know what’s going to happen and who is going to come. This is WTF 2016- and the name pronounces it all. It is out of the box, new age party scene on the block.

    A cluster of stars- artists, fashion designers and musicians; out and about to perform, share and have a good time with people like you. No need to be uptight, no need to be prepared because what you can’t guess is what you going to witness.

    untitled 2
    Photo by Victoria Smith

    A laid back vibe to catch up with the latest in art, fashion and music- right from the horse’s mouth. Nothing outlandish- though fresh, enticing and revealing. With new medias overlapping the mainstream- WTF 2016 is on the trail to set a new pace in interactive entertainment of live fests.

    Drinks with munching on pulled brisket sliders, queso nachos and spiced watermelon. The ultimate recipe to keep it rolling (pun intended). Gain total access to all areas with just a meager appreciation $10 entry. Yes, we are out to have a good time and we want to make sure that we spoil your taste buds, be it- food, drinks, music, art, fashion or just sexy charisma.

    Expect to mesmerize and be mesmerized with the best party animals- whose sole agenda is to have the be(a)st time. And what other way to engage and enjoy with the swaying bunch and lots of enthusiasts.

    Don’t let this dope Sunday (Aug 7th) slide away. We are starting at 2 (sharp) so just get yourself on an L-Train and be there for some serious fun(k). Bookmark this address: Knockdown Center – 52-19 Flushing Avenue, Maspeth, New York 11378. Get your tribe here to share your vibe. Classy atmosphere for the coolest peeps around.

    Atif A K

    Atif A K

    Atif A K is a New York based copywriter, film maker and poet. He has been on international advertising circuit since last 17 years working with leading ad networks and Fortune 500 brands. He is an avid art follower and has been writing poetry for over a decade. His poems often cover themes of romance, psychological darkness, universalism and humor.

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