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Artists live in their own different world. Where does this world exist? Nobody knows. Yet along comes an App that redefines the game of how artists date and socialize in millennial. The new age has brought many new wave technologies and Hart seems to be attuned to the eccentric, reclusive and emotional needs of today’s artists.

Artists irrespective of their medium exist in their own vacuum in which communication, expression and socialization become a real challenge. Despite their aesthetic nuances, they are at times unable to relate with other artists or regular people and even audiences in a reasonable, realistic and their own chosen way.

Hart- Creative Singles Connect as they say- provides the perfect platform for artists to interconnect in a plausible romantic manner. The whole App is enabled in a way to facilitate the artistic norms- visualizing their stylistic needs that represent their intuitive taste. All in all- a fashionable way to symbolize their talents.

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Right from download to registration- you sense the vibe that differentiates artists from everyday people. The creative glare in the UI (User Interface- in case you are an artist yourself and are unfamiliar with acronyms ;)) is laid out to attract artists right on and distinguishes each feature with a signature appeal.

While many artists despise the mainstream social media and dating apps such as FB and Tinder- some may even disguise their real sides to avoid unwarranted attention or exposure. Hart on the contrary- lets them portray their own aura in explicitly customized way. You can choose your showcase canvases, send and receive critiques while displaying your original look.

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In a day and age, when artists are scanning their works and showcasing them online to sustain the test of time- Hart is the avant-garde approach to generate sensation and following right off the bat without having to wait for your next exhibit. There are three artist levels and you can choose to associate with any- to leave your impression on fellow artists, subscribed with Hart.

Technology fills the gaps and Hart fills the gaps that artists find among themselves. Introverts can restrict to just what they want to share, while extroverts can go and let it all take the toll.

The secret sweet hangout of single artists has just launched. Try Hart if you are an artist, art lover or merely fascinated with the entire phenomenon. You will be readily flattered- to be an artist or not to be, or may be using an illustrative experience.

Atif A K

Atif A K

Atif A K is a New York based copywriter, film maker and poet. He has been on international advertising circuit since last 17 years working with leading ad networks and Fortune 500 brands. He is an avid art follower and has been writing poetry for over a decade. His poems often cover themes of romance, psychological darkness, universalism and humor.

  1. I’m an artist and very familiar with acronyms. As a non-artist are you not familiar with what a photo is? Or what a sculpture is? Come on now. That’s insulting. Wow I just read your bio and you actually are an artist. I don’t get it. Why insult other artists intelligence? Or maybe do you not understand acronyms personally so you attempted to lump all artists with your handicap? Is that part of your humor? Aha I have an excellent sense of humor just don’t like being degraded into a category of people who don’t understand something basic like acronyms.

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