• Living Sculptures by Erwin Wurm at Berlinische Galerie (Berlin)



    Two weeks ago, on April 15th, the Berlinische Galerie opened to show the works of the renowned Austrian artist Erwin Wurm, which can be visited until August 22nd, 2016.

    Wurm’s exhibition, entitled, Bei Mutti – translated from German, At Mom’s – surprised us with the display of a key element, a rebuilding house that apparently seems like his parents’ house; however, the artist has given a special touch, and the depth is just over one meter. When walking inside the house visitors literally experience the constrictions of provincial life. This work accompanies several sculptures that invite us to use everyday objects in a different way – such as in the photo with the bag on the head. The instructions are to stop in each of them during one minute to adopt unusual poses, turning those everyday objects into  living sculptures.

    The last section of Wurm’s work is a comprehensive display of drawings, which in of itself, is a première. In conclusion, we can see that the whole exhibition is related to the human body and bodily sensations with reaction to a personal nostalgic association to home. With this exhibition, you experience yourself the space museum and naturally the meaning of sculptures in a totally new way, and this is obviously the most extraordinary aspect of his entire work.


    Erwin Wurm at Berlinische Galerie, Berlin

    04-15 – 8-22, 2016

    Writing and photographs by Cristina Benzi 


    Erwin Wurm (1)



    Erwin Wurm (2)




    Cristina Benzi

    Cristina Benzi

    Cristina Benzi is deeply working on her art project ModernMastersArtworks, it's a personal blog about contemporary art where she relates how people interact with art. She visits galleries and vernissages, currently in Berlin and sometimes she also interviews artists and curators. For more: http://modernmastersartworks.es/ or https://www.instagram.com/modernmastersartworks/

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