Artwork Reflecting A Nature That May Be Eternal

Four-Footed Family Members

The love a family gives a pet transforms that animal in a truly amazing way. The animal begins to love you back, and soon transcends its own beast nature to become almost as much a member of the family as anyone else. There’s a reason cats and dogs regularly make their way into family portraits. As much as artists enjoy painting in a family’s beloved furry friend, it can be hard to include even the smallest features of animals, like the wetness of a cat’s nose for example. It’s important to ask the client “do cats have wet noses” before making a start of the portrait so it is as accurate as possible. Quite a lot of cats and dogs do make it into a family portrait.

If you’re not convinced this is the case, and operate under the supposition that such love is an illusion fostered by people anthropomorphizing their pets, consider stories you may have heard regarding pets that have saved the lives of their owners; like this Pit bull who went for help next door when its owner passed out.

There’s an equally astonishing story of a family cat who saved a child from a murderous dog that has also been making the rounds on social media for the last several months.

This story shows that some pets aren’t imbued with the love others are, and helps make the case that familial love actually can change the nature of a creature. Hate an animal and it will hate; love an animal, and it will love.


Skeptics might say that all which informs an animal’s decisions are instincts; but this can’t be the case. Those same skeptics would go on to say that mankind is a higher order of animal—a likewise absurd claim, in light of what we really see.

The reality is that a thing called love changes the life of humans and animals. Love is bigger than instinct or behavioral patterns; it transcends them.

That is a powerful thing to consider, and something which scientists may do well to study. How they would go about it is difficult to say; many scientific examinations of the animal kingdom seem to the uninitiate like torture shrouded in polysyllabic vocabulary. Like so many things, the truth hides between radical perspectives.

But one thing which can’t be denied is that pets are more often heroes than many people. Who is there for you when you are deeply sorrowful? Who is there to roll around and play with no restraint whatsoever when your joy bubbles over and can’t be contained?

The relationship between humans and their pets transcends traditional naturalistic relationships seen in the wild. There is something deeper at play, something that can’t be quantified, and is truly the realm of art. Perhaps the best way to capture this intangible thing is through artistic expression, like that often seen in lovingly crafted oil paintings.

While this may be the case generally speaking for pets, dogs you are not acquainted with could have the potential to be dangerous. If you are attacked or bitten by a dog, you may wish to speak with dog bite lawyers to help you with the matter. Caution is advised around dogs you do not know, especially off the lead.

Where To Find One offers customers high-quality products, clients regularly commissioning works like a dog portrait because of the deep quality which comes with them. According to the site, each portrait is: “100% freehand painted onto a canvas by a master oil portrait artist.”

sdweYour animals quit being common creatures when they became wreathed under the penumbra of your love. Maybe they won’t live as long as you in the physical world, but in your mind and heart they will always be there. Commissioning a painting of them while they are yet alive may be one of the best ways for you and future generations of your human family to properly commemorate them.

You might even want to jump on a popular trend of having your pet in your wedding pictures, right next to you in your Azazie gown and your handsome groom in his tux.

Beyond Reality

There are many speculations as to what happens in the realm which awaits all people at the end of this road we call life. Some don’t give animals a second thought, but there are no shortage of prayers offered up by pure-hearted children which pertain to their animals finding eternity with them in that land where dreams cannot begin to describe pure joy.

Hopefully those childlike hopes are a more true reflection of that which awaits us than the cynical expectations of our adult lives, and all our four-footed family members remain with us to explore new worlds beyond the limits of our own.


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  1. Great post. I just lost my pet couple of months ago and I am planning to get a hand painted portrait done in its memory.

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