Hayden Kays: OVERDRAWN

HAYDEN KAYSYou Can't Eat Money Hayden KaysLondon artist Hayden Kays is thrilled to announce his first solo exhibition of 2016 ‘OVERDRAWN’ at Exposure London on April 7th.

The show consists of twenty five crisp and framed uncirculated one dollar bills which Kays has beautifully overlaid with inkjet prints of arresting images, applying his characteristic wit for a wry critique of modern day capitalism with his trademark, on-point sloganeering.

Kays has said that money itself is art, since every note is a drawing and every coin a sculpture.

‘OVERDRAWN’ takes this observation to its logical conclusion by making money the base material for artworks, while at the same time deploying the concept of currency as the subject.

The bespoke dollar bills simultaneously become symbolic of the economic and political power of money and the perfect medium for Kays to make his acute observations on our fragile and yet compulsive relationship with consumerism and mass culture.

Building Walls And Burning Bridges Hayden Kays

You Can't Sit With Us Hayden KaysIn an ironic gesture that is both controversial and funny, Kays has construed the social and political force of art to be so great that it grants him a license to print money.

Kays’ banknote works bring home the idea that money, at once limited and infinite, fuels and fulfills our insatiable desires. In Kays’ hands, the most sought after commodity in the world becomes ever more valuable and coveted.

Kays said: “I enjoy the idea of making money both more and less desirable at the same time, removing its inherent value and assigning it a greater one. Overdrawn has gifted me an artistic license to paint money.”

Additionally, for one night only at the opening, Kays will be signing and drawing bespoke doodles on any bank notes brought in by those who purchase one of the original exhibition pieces.


‘OVERDRAWN’ will run from 7th to 29th of April.


Benjamin Murphy

Benjamin Murphy

Benjamin Murphy is an artist who over the last few years has exhibited extensively in Europe, The Americas, and Australia. He has a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Contemporary Fine Art from the University of Salford.

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