• Every Art Has Its Calendar Day

    More Art by Sofia Quirino at Praxis
    More Art by Sofia Quirno at Praxis
    Artist Sofia Quirino
    Artist Sofia Quirno

    The works on paper, canvas, multi-media and floor installation are stand-alone perfection but they still dialog with one another in a festival of celebrating what could turn out to be a Calendar Day indeed for Sofia Quirno.  

    The spheres of color in black, gray, yellow and forest green were deliberate punctuations that kept your eye traveling all over the gallery walls. The brushed on strokes were kinetic and the forms were solid anchors that kept the works grounded. Abstract expressionistic vibe ruled the day and made its distinct mark but not at all heavy handed. There is that pitfall of AbEx when more layers and layers of paint slapped on can weigh down the composition and could be a clunker. Quirno avoids this pitfall by making the wispy brushstrokes be a feature and not slapping paint on heavily to make her point.  

    Instaltion Shots of Sofia Quirino art at Praxis
    Instaltion Shots of Sofia Quirno art at Praxis
    Calendar Day at Praxis Gallery
    Calendar Day at Praxis Gallery

    Brevity and lightness were expressed very clearly and nothing else has to be added but just the form and where it is placed in conjunction with the other shapes. There is still a purity that permeates in every single one of her pieces and it is done with nuanced grace. You can detect shapes and forms as it plays in your visual cues, which is an added bonus.  

    Not all the great statements were made on the wall but also the floor was laid bare and bold with a monochromatic rectangle that mimics the shadows cast from the skylight of the gallery. It was a site specific piece but Quirno allowed the finesse of her forms and textures do the talking and made this whole show have a calendar day that is to be celebrated in the annals of the art timeline.


    Sofia Quirno: Calendar Day

    On View: February 25 – April 2, 2016

    Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Saturday (10 am to 6 pm)

    Praxis Gallery New York. 541 West 26th Street. NYC, NY 10001


    Art Review by: Oscar A. Laluyan

    Installation Images from Praxis Gallery courtesy of the artist


    Oscar Laluyan

    Oscar Laluyan

    Oscar A. Laluyan is a critic, curator and an art writer for several online publications, . He has worked in a museum and at an art gallery founded by a former architect of Richard Meier's firm. His passion for contemporary art is reflected and directed to seeing the future.


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