Extended Consciousness Curated by Art Takes Manhatttan Opens at Caelum Gallery


Subtle art, abstract art, classic art or any art as a matter of fact. The sole purpose is to inspire, provoke, jolt and amend. Extended Consciousness is one exhibition that will inspire your taste forever. No exaggerations. My feelings will remain mutual with you.

Art Takes Manhattan curated Extended Consciousness at Caelum Gallery is charisma, enigma and dogma. All at the same time.

Back in the days- the role of artists in the society was primary. As new media started appearing in radio, tele and internet. The role started rolling back. But the moment you step in Caelum Gallery- the feeling is overwhelming. The lifeblood of artists is dripping from the walls. Each artist is specifically chosen to cater Extended Consciousness- to suit this specific mental need. The beauty of the exhibit unwraps itself like a suspense movie. You cannot help moving into another dimension, watching with awe as to what a treat it is for your imagination to embrace these masterpieces.


DSC02774Augmented and a cut above the rest of the contemporary scene. Each artist is as exemplary and inimitable as other. Photography, paint, sculptures and new media. Each is going to diffuse into your senses. I for one, could not help taking my eyes off few of the unforgettable work. My reference memory has definitely rebooted.

Although it is stupid to compare art in terms of expression and although I can’t discriminate- I would still share my favorites. They are many and so I have shortlisted those on top of my head and that remained in my hindsight as I went to sleep after.

Divine Discontentment by Bryan Christie will tear your imagination into pieces. You will feel them flying in spaces around you. Immaculate, crispy, colorful, inviting, photogenic and yet so full of discontentment. The anguish of the subject Bryan chose is absolutely stunning and his portrayal even better.

Phoenix 1 by Matthew James- I couldn’t help falling in love with it. Spectacular color scheme, fervor of contrasts and piercing backgrounds are what highlighted this masterpiece to me.


Solar Storm by Martin Tremblay- beauty through and through with this unimaginable futuristic presentation. This kind of work makes the future of art safe and risky at the same time. The piece can withstand the transition of any media, time and age.

Fuck You. I’m a Monster. So What. By Perri Neri is a punch out of the box. A rare organic and abstract artwork. Visibly dangerous to embrace. It will dissolve in the gore and filth of your mind with traces of porn. I couldn’t help but taste this bitter wine. I wonder what frame of mind was Perri in days before, during and after setting this theme free.

Thoughts Afloat by Michelle Reid. Anything that gives a new chapter to fine art- is my instant fancy. These airborne pieces of blue cannot be ignored. They were probably backgrounds of every selfie taken in the gallery. Mesmerizing, unpredictable and brief- they flirted with me as much as they flattered me.

Last but not least. Every single presentation in this gallery is crazy in a good way. And ground-breaking in every way. If you don’t see- you will definitely miss a lot. Every piece is worthy of my applause but the number of words in this article is my restraint.

I can write on a book on my visit to this auspicious art wonder.


Art Takes Manhattan

508 west 26th street room 315, NYC


Writing by Atif A. K.



Atif A K

Atif A K

Atif A K is a New York based copywriter, film maker and poet. He has been on international advertising circuit since last 17 years working with leading ad networks and Fortune 500 brands. He is an avid art follower and has been writing poetry for over a decade. His poems often cover themes of romance, psychological darkness, universalism and humor.

  1. Hello the Phoenix painting by Matthew H James is actually not digital art it is a resin painting done with pigments using particle dispersion, chemical properties and fluid dynamics. Natural processes illustrating the patterns in nature and particles behavior throughout the universe.
    Please if you correct the article that would be great. So happy that you liked the piece!

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