• Esther Naor at Stux Gallery- Eclectic & Retrospective Refuge

    Installation shot of Esther Naor’s “Aftermath” at Stux Gallery
    Artist Esther Noar at her opening.
    Artist Esther Naor at her opening.

    Esther Naor’s exhibit “Aftermath” at Stux leaves multi-lateral traces on your mind. Her very unique emotional depth speaks around memories and subconscious. Her artworks echo a stylistic appeal that is indigenous beyond borders. At least that’s what I gathered and took away from her presentation. The theme “Aftermath” is both a reflection of her past and astral Deja vu. The artworks supersede frontiers, they overlap, they unify, they redefine- jolting you to recap and reassess your emotions and mindsets towards peculiar vulnerabilities. All the while escorting you towards the aura of her eclectic expression.

    Esther’s works are a remarkable journey of her photographic and sculptural imagery of the process she went through while she experienced the migration from Iraq to Israel as an artist. It’s a timeline- it’s her suitcase of memories. It’s all the good and the bad and the unforgettable. In her pictorial artworks- she magnifies the emotions of Aftermath- the theme of her displays. Her journey is not just geographical- her journey is emotional. Her journey has carved a new image of herself in the works she has exhibited. The exhibit serves as her confessions and story-telling. To her this is therapy. After my detailed conversation with her- I can seriously say that this fire was embedded in her heart and it was a compulsion for her to share it- as much as it is for us to view it. Her sculptures draw the middle eastern heritage in dispersion- and how the divides of borders can bring in auspicious observation that command respect, empathy and unification as humans.

    Stux Gallery (5)
    A guest enjoying the work of Esther Naor at Stux Gallery.
    Stux Gallery (4)
    The crowd on opening night.

    She is not just an artist- Esther is a visual scientist. Her technical brilliance to make it all very decipherable and relatable to the viewers while retaining the essence of her tragedy is a heartfelt treasure. Her passage to the roots both in Iraq as well as Israel is her testimony of the allegiance she made to the cultural norms- gathered through the passage of her evolution both as an artist and as an advocate of the human bond. What follows the happenings that were beyond her control takes the limelight in her works- and your heart secretly sheds a tear in silence.

    Stux is well kept to reciprocate the augmented themes from artists like Esther that correspond to its enigmatic ambience. Neatness with flawless relevance is what made this exhibition a must-see for those who want to unwind their views of emotions and memory, in perspective of these timeless portraits.


    Esther Naor: Aftermath at Stux Gallery

    Feb 24 – March 26, 2016

    24 West 57th Street 6 Floor, NYC


    Writing by Atif A. K.

    Stux Gallery (6)
    Artist Esther Naor discussing her work with Robert C. Morgan.
    Stux Gallery (3)
    Another crowd shot from the opening
    Stux Gallery (1)
    Esther Naor discussing her show with Atif A. K.
    Stux Gallery (7)
    Close up to a sculpture by Esther Naor
    Stux Gallery (8)
    Opening night at Stux gallery
    Stux Gallery (2)
    (L-R) The Curator with artist Esther Naor
    Atif A K

    Atif A K

    Atif A K is a New York based copywriter, film maker and poet. He has been on international advertising circuit since last 17 years working with leading ad networks and Fortune 500 brands. He is an avid art follower and has been writing poetry for over a decade. His poems often cover themes of romance, psychological darkness, universalism and humor.

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