• The Art of Testing

    doa_integratedcupsDrug abuse and addiction are serious threats in our society. There are various ways in which employers, parents, social workers, and law enforcement agencies can test for the presence of drugs in a suspect, but the drug test cups used in 5- and 10-panel drug testing are perhaps the most common and the most effective. These tests are quick and easy to administer, provide fast and accurate results, and they are perfectly suited to onsite testing of urine and saliva – no need to send the samples to a lab for results.

    Using a 5- or 10-panel test kit, testers can effectively determine the presents of several categories of drugs in one sample, with one test, simultaneously. This not only saves time over having to test for each substance separately, it’s also a more economical approach because only one test kit is required per person, per testing period.

    Also, these tests work very quickly. Instead of having to send a sample to a laboratory for analysis and then wait days for the results, these test kits return accurate results in just a few seconds or minute. Nothing else is required for the test other than the kit itself, making them very easy to use for example something similar to this fentanyl drug test. Several classes of drugs can be detected with one test, such as cocaine, opiods, methamphetamine, marijuana, etc. in both urine and saliva. If you find that you have been caught with drugs in your system from these drugs tests, you might be faced with drug charges. If you find that this is the case, looking to someone like this chicago criminal attorney could help with any questions you may have regarding your charges.

    If you’ve never administered a drug test before, it can seem like a daunting proposition. However, these types of tests are easy to administer thanks to the user-friendly test cups and the clearly written step-by-step instructions. Whether you are an employer testing employees or a parent testing your teen, there is a high rate of success with these user-friendly tests. In fact, the level of accuracy in these tests has been shown to be on par with the results achieved in a laboratory.

    Whereas other types of tests can be adulterated or altered, these 5- and 10-panel test kits are much harder to alter. A temperature strip is attached to the test strip, for example, which ensures that the sample is at the required temperature. This indicates that the sample is freshly collected and not brought in to the test from another source, which some subjects may attempt to do if they are worried they will not legitimately pass the test. This measure is very effective in maintaining the integrity of the sample.

    Drug test cups also make it easier for the party analysing the sample to safely, cleanly and discreetly handle the sample. Thanks to the test strip, the tester only has to peel back the strip and visually confirm whether the test was past or failed – there is no need to come in contact with the sample itself.

    Drug testing is never the kind of thing anyone looks forward to, whether you are the tester or the subject. However, drug testing can prove to be very useful in many areas, from parents looking to protect their children to law enforcement and employment. Even though American laws are loosening up and allowing products like these wholesale vape carts to be sold in the country, this is a service that will always be needed. At-home tests such as the ones mentioned here make testing for drugs easy, quick, affordable and discreet.



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    1. Is there no need for a laboratory confirmation of the results present by the cup? Is this a screening device or a confirmation device? Do the results represent a real positive or negative? If the cup shows a “non-negative”, should it not go to a laboratory for confirmation? You did not address any of these issues.

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