• The Fear of a Forgotten Little Place



    Of the many books to look out for in 2016, there’s one at the top of my list. It’s called Oubliette – A Forgotten Little Place and is by Vanta M. Black. The author is an investigator of paranormal activities and has visited countless haunted places, including Leap Castle in Ireland where the book takes.

    Oubliette, which means “a forgotten little place”, is French and is a pit in a dungeon, with only one entrance, which is on the ceiling and is closed by a lattice. The guilty were thrown down there and forgotten. The remains of more than a hundred people were found in Leap Castle’s oubliette.

    Vanta M. Black’s book describes the paranormal events that have taken place in the castle in horrifying detail, made even scarier by the fact the stories are based on historical fact. From the days of the Roman Empire up until today, the stories in the book thrill and horrify up until the very last page. You can check out Oubliette – A Forgotten Little Place and learn more about the author on her website. Happy reading!



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