• At the Intersections of Art and Bones


    J.Roadkill-4In her debut exhibition at Gallery 151, Brooklyn based artist Jamie Roadkill presented a series of reassembled animal skeletons and scenes that incorporated this imagery. The exhibition entitled Intersections featured skeletons that were reconstructed by the artist, gilded in gold leaf then and were arranged in various scenes that sought to investigate “humanity’s lust for technological mobility and the bewilderment of wild and feral animals, often culminating with violent ends on roadways.” The bones were all consciously sourced and collected by the artist which speaks to the larger conceptual issues of the show including sex and death, and the larger elements of process within her work.

    The overly stylized space of Gallery 151 for Roadkill’s show, articulated the overlap between the artist’s background in fashion and her overall interest in sex and death. This sex and death dichotomy was a through line in many of the sculptures, small scale installations and video work that were on view. Many of the refashioned skeletons were placed on cinderblocks, various pedestals and even a hanging wooden like swing. Several of the skeletons were accompanied with usual accessories such as a child’s toy pistol, lollipop, and soccer ball. This added a comical element to these sculptures but also felt disconnected from the overall theme of the show.


    Artist Jamie Roadkill
    Artist Jamie Roadkill

    The viewer is bombarded with images of bones and bondage which serve as a literal entrée into the artist’s conceptual practice. With this overwhelming imagery of sex and death there are underlining elements of the work that point also to Freud and his conceptions of the sex and death drives. Although Roadkill cites these two components as being the basis for the work within Intersections exhibit, it is just very much a surface read of it and leaves the viewer wanting more. Intersections is on view until December 1st and the gallery is located at 132 West 18th Street.


    Jamie Roadkill: INTERSECTIONS

    October 15th – December 1st

    Gallery 151

    132 W. 18th Street, New York, NY 10011


    Article by Anni Irish

    provided by the gallery and the artist

    Gallery 151 J.Roadkill-478

    Gallery 151 J.Roadkill-457


    Gallery 151 J.Roadkill-307

    Gallery 151 J.Roadkill-476




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