• Featured Opening: 13th Hour, 2015 at Last Rites Gallery October 10th – November 7th, 2015

    13th Hour Flyer

    Trent Taft The Elder
    Trent Taft The Elder

    Last Rites Gallery is pleased to present The 13th Hour, a group exhibition conceived by Paul Booth to celebrate the dual nature of humanity and invite the viewers to take part in one of the most engaging and comprehensive art-related experiences of the year. In its annual exhibit, Last Rites Gallery sets out to display a broad-spectrum representation of Contemporary Surrealism focused on the human form and condition.

    This year’s The 13th Hour exhibition will revolve around the exploration of innovative mediums and materials through a dynamic interpretation of the artists’ unique individual thought and vision. From intricate renderings to simple transfigurations of the peculiar and the unknown, the artists are going to utilize art as a way of holding up a mirror to the self and turn their perceptions into finely crafted depictions of their own fears and nightmares suspended between dream-like landscapes and reality.

    The 13th Hour exhibition will feature 35 local and international artists: Logan J. Aguilar, William Basso, Rick Beaupre, Mikael Bourgoin, Jana Brike, Matt Dangler, Fabio D’Aroma, Yoko D’Holbachie, Sergio Garcia, Jason Goldberg, Fred Harper, David Hochbaum, Henrik Uldalen, Nom Kinnear King, Hope Kroll, Eric Lacombe, Todd Lim, Eli Livingston, Chris Mars, Brian Mashburn, Menton3, Yomico Moreno, CT Nelson, Chris Peters, Kevin W. Peterson, Shane Pierce, David Richardson, Kaspian Shore, A.W. Sommers, David Stoupakis, Trent Taft, Johnson Tsang, Nicomi Nix Turner, Daniel Williams, Jasmine Worth. 

    Together these artists are going to show the “beauty within the darkness” that is inherent to the puzzling and yet undeniably intriguing mechanism of the human mind.

    For further information, please contact Casey Gleghorn at Last Rites Gallery at +1 212-560-0666 or info@lastritesgallery.com

    Opening Reception: October 10th at 7pm, 325 W 38th St NYC

    Johnson Tsang, Behind_the Wall, Porcelain and Wire
    Chris Mars - The Next Meal
    Chris Mars – The Next Meal

    About Last Rites Gallery

    Established in 2008 by Paul Booth, Last Rites has become a premiere gallery for contemporary surrealism and a haven for artists who are not afraid of exploring and dissecting every aspect of the human condition to investigate the invisible, the unintelligible and the inexplicable with a focus on the most recondite twists and turns of reality.

    The gallery strives to display a showcase of thought-provoking art imbued with references to the dreamlike landscapes and ambiguous feelings originated from an intimate, philosophical contemplation of the self. Last Rites invites the observer to reflect inward and abandon himself to a conscious perception of what the innermost recesses of the mind can reveal and produce under the urge to see beyond our apparent limits. The gallery program is mainly focused on figurative paintings and sculptures featured by an unconventional interpretation of the human existence that seems to escape any definition of what is real, unreal or unknown.

    Our exhibition schedule rotates monthly, so there is always something new and obscure on display. Every exhibition is celebrated with an opening reception that allows the viewers to interact with both artworks and artists. Sign up for our mailing

    Last Rites Gallery is located at 325 W 38th Street, between 8th and 9th Avenues, New York, NY.Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 1pm to 9pm, Sundays 1pm to 6pm. For more information, please email info@lastritesgallery.com or call: 212.560.0666.

    Yomico Moreno - Nevermore
    Yomico Moreno – Nevermore
    Jamie Martinez

    Jamie Martinez

    Jamie Martinez is the founder/publisher of ARTE FUSE contemporary art platform and the founder/director of The Border Project Space. He is an artist using the concept of triangulation throughout his work. His process involves constructing, deconstructing and fragmenting images, data, and information geometrically into triangulated segments. WWW.JAMIEMARTINEZ.NET

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