• Cerith Wyn Evans and Robert Irwin – White Cube

    Cerith Wyn Evans Solo exhibition White Cube Bermondsey London 22 September - 15 November 2015

    Cerith Wyn Evans’s exhibitions are often more interesting than his individual artworks; and this is how artists should approach a solo exhibition, as if it were one coherent artwork. Often he assaults many senses at once, including sounds, sights, and smells, and as a single multisensory artwork, it is brilliant. This twinned with the subtle light works and paintings of Robert Irwin, makes it almost impossible to describe accurately without losing some of it’s charm.

    To evaluate and contextualize such a vast experience is often best untried, and useless when attempted. Your experience of the show will be completely different from mine. For that reason I have decided that instead of writing a single linear review, I will transcribe my notes verbatim, in the hope that they convey better the feel of the show.

    Cerith Wyn Evans Solo exhibition White Cube Bermondsey London 22 September - 15 November 2015 2

    Cerith Wyn Evans Neon Forms (after Noh I) 2015 1‘Superimposition and contradiction, by concealing and revealing’. Neon. Buzzing electricity. ‘Conduits’. Conductivity. ‘Spatial situations’ – ‘Phenomenological experience’. Atmospheric somnolence. Cinematic ambience. Phillip Glass. Dan Flavin. Dull buzzing. Flow. HUSHED tones. ‘Formless anxiety’. Space for contemplation – rest – shadow. Hue. Sepia. Flame pulsing, alive, speed. Atomic shapes – explosions. Collapse. Chaos. Echoes. Viewer becomes artwork. Reflected. Intermingling. Sounds of flutes + sounds of talking. EFFERVESCENT. Imposing///exposing. Shards. Rainbows. Oil slick. Richard Wilson. Malevich. In/organic. Resonance. Undulating blue flames. Pilot light. Subtlety and imperceptibility. Rotation. Glass flutes resemble dead neon. Panpipes. Peter Pan. Dis/order. ETHEREAL. EVANESCENT. Marionette puppets. Illegibility. Morse Code – — . – . – secrets. GLASS. MOLECULE. Tranquility. Contrast. Explosions. This man reading is odd, keeps looking at me – v. shiny shoes. Short. Invigilators altering experience (ruining?). Tino Sehgal. ‘Daylight is fading’. Lunar. Bloodmoon. Eclipse. Coincidence? Synchronicity. Hidden. Cryptic code. Flashing. Epilepsy. ‘Obscured the moon’. Dusk. Expansive, immersive. ‘Energised and drained’. GLACIAL.



    Until the 15th of September

    White Cube Bermondsey

    144 – 152 Bermondsey Street


    SE1 3TQ


    Writing by Benjamin Murphy


    Photographs courtesy of © White Cube (George Darrell)

    Benjamin Murphy

    Benjamin Murphy

    Benjamin Murphy is an artist who over the last few years has exhibited extensively in Europe, The Americas, and Australia. He has a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Contemporary Fine Art from the University of Salford.

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