• Three Women at Anna Zorina Gallery

    (L-R) Artists Nadine Faraj, Patty Horing and Alonsa Guevara
    (L-R) Artists Nadine Faraj, Patty Horing and Alonsa Guevara
    Watercolors by NADINE FARA
    Watercolors by Nadine Faraj

    It is the unfortunate truth that women remain grossly underrepresented in the artistic sphere, while male artists continue to dominate gallery rosters and walls. But as such, themes of femininity resonate more palpably than ever. Anna Zorina Gallery’s latest exhibition Three Women is a welcome addition to the movement, showcasing under one roof the works of a handpicked trio of women artists. Their divergent styles merge effortlessly together to produce a common larger vision for the show, one that is provocative, bewitching, and brazenly female. The fact that a woman curator and gallerist is behind this vision simply makes it all the more genuine and compelling.

    Nadine Faraj’s watercolors poignantly bleed on their canvases and Anna Zorina’s walls. The loose medium lends an inherently expressive quality to the works, as colors and lines blend evocatively together. Yet the viewer recognizes the careful precision and control Faraj had to exert in order to manipulate these lines. The resulting figures are at once recognizable and phantasmal, raising questions of human and sexual identity.

    Art by Alonsa Guevara
    Fruit Portrait series by Alonsa Guevara
    Painting by Patty Horing
    Master Bath by Patty Horing

    Alonsa Guevara’s Fruit Portraits are boldly suggestive of the female anatomy and pay tribute to Judy Chicago’s similarly cheeky Dinner Party series. Guevara’s paintings however stand out in their precise and lush depiction of the different personified fruits. Viewers are drawn in to examine closely every fiber and brushstroke, subtly becoming intimate with the alluded female forms themselves.

    Patty Horing’s paintings offer an even higher level of intimacy in their candid illustrations of her friends and family. With assured colors and strokes, she encourages the viewer to overcome any initial discomfort and engage emotionally with the depicted individual and moment. And her subjects are not just female, empowering everyone to form her or his own connection with the work.
    Three Women is on view at Anna Zorina Gallery, 533 West 23rd Street, New York, NY 10011 from Sept 10 – Oct 10, 2015.

    Writing by Lisa Marsova

    Photographs by Olya Turcihin and the gallery

    Installation shot
    NADINE FARAJ Too Wonderful II 30 x 22 inches watercolor on paper 2015
    AF editor Oscar Laluyan next to Nadine Faraj’s Too Wonderful II
    Painting by Alonsa Guevara
    Biological and Spiritual Siblings by Alonsa Guevara
    NADINE FARAJ Tired Of Speaking Sweetly 15 x 11 inches watercolor on paper 2015
    Tired of Speaking Sweetly by Nadine Faraj
    A guest at the opening
    A guest at the opening
    Opening night for Three Women

    Opening night for Three Women at Anna Zorina Gallery


    Lisa Marsova

    Lisa Marsova

    Lisa Marsova is a financial analyst moonlighting as an art writer. She resides in the East Village and likes anything contemporary.

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