• Sleater-Kinney – Sound Advice on IFC


    Watching Sound Advice on IFC is like seeing someone fall down and laughing at them. Janessa Slater (from SNL) plays a sanctimonious media coach, who dishes advice to artists in need of an image upgrade. In this video, she interviews Sleater-Kinney and displays her complete misunderstanding of feminism by incorrectly name-dropping “riot girls” and “Susan B. Anthony,” all while believing she’s taking the band to school. While ignorance can be dangerous, it can also be hilarious and knowing it’s a skit means it’s appropriate to laugh and still consider yourself a nice person. The lack of laugh track and audience means you can remain entranced for the duration of the video and it’s appropriate for the family to watch together. Definitely worth checking out!

    Writing by Amari Carson-Rose 

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    Guest Writer

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