• Raw Process Presents: A Night of Reverie with Live Art and Music


    Reverie-8Raw Process has achieved a tangible aesthetic that reaches beyond the timeworn buzz phrase “live painting.” In partnership with Blick Arts and Art Boho, Reverie, the collective’s two-year anniversary event, represented a culmination of that aesthetic from trial and error to on-trend success.

    On a balmy Saturday night on May 23, 2015 at Santo Party House in downtown New York City, the crowd mingled in an eclectic combination of music, art, and organic energy. Twinkling lights scattered and danced atop a crowd of weekend ready twenty-somethings. Underground phenomenon, Tasha Blank was on deck playing a feel-good tribal bass that pulsed through the iconic Chinatown dancehall. An illuminated portion of the venue hosted several painters hand-picked by Raw Process to showcase styles varying from street and abstract to imagery reminiscent of Japanese manga.

    “We introduce a usually private or introverted moment to publicly extroverted space that is naturally tied together by art and music in order to bring down barriers and expose the artists as incredibly talented human beings,” said Andres Lamos, one-fourth of the Raw Process founding membership.

    Founded in 2013, Raw Process is a Brooklyn based collective focused on exposing the creative artistic process to the world. Collaboration between audience and artist is the electric that powers Raw Process events.


    Reverie-13Through live painting and collaborative creation with public audiences, Raw Process delivers a platform to interact with artists and their work in the most direct way possible. The end goal is to challenge creators, party goers and venue management to interact in a comfortably unfamiliar, yet collaborative social setting.

    Past collaborations have included interactive projections, complimentary canvases and supplies, body painting, and giveaways from companies like Stolichnaya, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, Meat Mrkt, The Bronx Brewery, Uber and more.

    What began as a loose group of art thirsty Brooklynites has matured into a formal collective of photographers, painters, writers, visual concept designers and PR mavens. Despite the reoccurring difficulty of balancing professional work life with the operational commitments of Raw Process, another member, David Radolovic enthusiastically exclaims that “Raw Process has not only granted me the wish to be part of a creative team, but also has shown me how passionate young individuals that work towards a collective goal can work hard to accomplish greatness.”

    “Raw Process has grown from a group of 3-5 to 10 strong from random ‘kids’ looking for a good time to men and women looking to push forward a concept. They ‘want nothing more than to keep it up and push artistic boundaries.’


    Article by Sebastian Morris

    Photography by Lyndon D.


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