• Being Lost and Found in Bushwick

    Some serious wall art that makes you smile
    Some serious wall art that makes you smile. Left to right: “Doe” by Kristen Leonard, “Absens” by Monique Mantell, “Gilded Squirrel” by Really Large Numbers (Julia Oldham and Chad Stayrook).
    Some work at the show in BFP
    Some work at the show in BFP. “Border Control” by Nancy Baker.
    Instagram worthy moment at BFP
    Instagram worthy moment at BFP. Work by Jaynie Crimmins.

    Trekked out to Bushwick last week to view Hrönir: Un-Lost Things curated by Hazel Lee Santino for BFP Creative… BFP Creative housed the show in their temporary storage galleries at Brooklyn Fire Proof. I was lost and disoriented at first, entering through the Brooklyn Fire Proof bar.  As I tried to find the gallery space, I thought to myself that a whiskey was in order on such a cold evening. A quick right out of the bar and then a left opened up to a large airy white space which housed some of the most creative art I have seen in a while. “Hrönir” are objects that, once lost, have been found–but they are duplicated and somehow affected by having been lost, or by having been found. ”The premise of losing something and then finding it again only to reveal that it has somehow changed, lent itself to experiencing the art by trying to figure out the story behind of each individual piece. Brilliant! In the end, I found myself sipping a whiskey and ultimately feeling quite satiated. Here’s to getting lost but now I’m found – CHEERS!

    Participating Artists: Liz Atzberger, Nancy Baker, Franca Barone, James Bascara, Melinda Beck, Gregory Benton, Nathan Bond, Paul Brainard, Adam Brasil, Iain Burke, Richard Ray Chan, Beata Chrzanowska, Ehren Clodfelter, Jaynie Crimmins, William Crosby, Leigh Cunningham, Daniel Davidson, Travis DeMello, Burr Dodd, Kevin Doyle, Maureen Drennan, Jackson Falor-Ward, Lori Field, Ed Flanagan, Ryan Michael Ford, MaDora Frey, Linnéa Gad, Paul Gagner, Langdon Graves, Hunter Heckroth, Jen Hitchings, Chloe Isip, Jordin Isip, Simone Isip, Roberto Jamora, Nils Karsten, Tricia Keightley, Hannah Lee, Kristen Leonard, Rachel Levit, Melissa Ling, Kristen Liu-Wong, Monique Mantell, Eliot Markell, Maya Rose Meissner, Merz, Kit Mills, Kymia Nawabi, Jon Newman, Nora Normile, Brian O’Neill, Galia Offri, Julia Oldham + Chad Stayrook, HyunJin Alex Park, Helena Parriott, Maritsa Patrinos, Don Pablo Pedro, Chelsey Pettyjohn, Rachel Pontious, Monica Ramos, Julee Rieu, Scott Robinson, Marina Ross, Jonny Ruzzo, Hazel Lee Santino, Hiba Schahbaz, Rachel Schmidhofer, Kelsey Shwetz, Paula Searing, Andrew Smenos, Josie Stevenson, Christopher Stout, Ulrike Theusner, Jeanne Tremel, Michela Vinton, Oliver Warden, Frank Webster, Eric White, and James Yang.


    Work from the show is available for sale online: http://bfpcreative.bigcartel.com/


    BFP Creative: Hrönir: Un-Lost Things 

    Show date was: November 14 – 21, 6-9pm

    BFP Creative . Brooklyn Fire Proof ~119 Ingraham Street, Brooklyn NY, 11237

    Writing and Photography by: Olya Turcihin

    Curator Hazel Lee Santino (right)
    (L-R) Artist Daniel Davidson with curator Hazel Lee Santino.
    Finding Nemo or some art at BFP
    Left to right (visible top row): “I Forgot to Remember to Forget” by Andrew Smenos, “16.20.14” by Tricia Keightley, “Heave” (diptych) by Ehren Clodfelter.
    More work shown at the show in BFP
    “Ocean Beach” by Jordin Isip.
    Artist Monique Mantell at the opening with her work on the right
    Artist Monique Mantell at the opening.
    Not lost at all in BFP
    (visible first three) left to right: “Untitled” by Melissa Ling, “How to Cope” by Hannah Lee, “Hugh” by Maureen Drennan. Pictured: artists Simone Isip and Jordin Isip.
    The art crowd at BFP in Bushwick
    The art crowd at BFP in Bushwick.
    Okay put those eyes back in your sockets buddy that is just art
    “I Miss Nothing. Or Not.” by HyunJin Alex Park.
    A Gallery Grows in Bushwick
    (visible art, left to right) “Classical Hollywood Set” by Linnea Gad, “The Triump (Curiosity)” by Kelsey Shwetz. Pictured: artist Kristen Liu-Wong (left) and friend.
    Olya Turcihin

    Olya Turcihin

    Olya Turchin is a Photographer based out of NY.

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