• eBay Kicks The Auction House Exclusive Doors Open

    The eBay private dinner at Scarpetta on Nov 7th photo from Edelman
    The eBay private dinner at Scarpetta on Nov 7th photo from Getty
    Artist Mario Wagner at the #ArtforAll installation in NYC photo from Edelman
    Artist Mario Wagner at the #ArtforAll installation in NYC photo from Getty

    Exclusivity comes at a price but discretion has long flown the coop or rather the luxurious auction rooms of the art world’s reputable institutions. Auctions have been conducted in the most exclusive of enclaves for decades and not until the 1980’s were the sales reported like baseball scores or stock market closing prices that the public was given a peek behind the curtain. The mention of the millions of dollars for a Warhol or Picasso or Jeff Koons auction prices are the stuff of absurdly coveted dreams. The proceedings are still kept within the confines of the top one percent who devoutly go to the sales at Sotheby’s and Christie’s twice a year. These privileged set are pre-qualified by their purchase histories, stature of their collection and their buying guarantee to ensure a bidding paddle to their name each season. The peek behind the curtain is just that – you are still outside though looking in. If you find yourself lucky enough to get your hands on a Warhol piece or any vintage item, you can always look into using something like a man and van service to deliver the item to your home.

    Last Thursday November 6th, eBay invited the various art media to attend a private dinner to feature their interactive art installation – ART FOR ALL designed by artist Mario Wagner and introduce their live auction experience that opens the doors to collectors globally with unmatched selection of art and collectibles. Yes, the doors have been kicked down and if you have the income – you are now part of the pursuit that has long been divided by the velvet rope of pedigree which separated participant from spectator.

    The Creative Set & Media at Scarpetta for eBay's private dinner photo from Edelman
    The Creative Set & Media at Scarpetta for eBay’s private dinner photo from Getty

    All through the weekend starting last Friday November 7th till Sunday November 9th, Wagner’s art installation in the Meatpacking District aptly named ART FOR ALL utilized thousands of Instagram images from participants that inspired the spirit of access, connection and community.

    “eBay just introduced a new experience that connects people to the incredible art available at traditional brick-and-mortar auction houses from wherever they are,” said Wagner. “Partnering with eBay on a unique piece of artwork, which marks this exciting launch was a natural fit. Art is all around us – and my latest work will incorporate inspiring images from the global eBay community to create a timeless piece.”

    The air was charged with anticipation as this bold new platform from eBay most certainly garnered attention from the art media that it’s really time to nail the lid on the old school exclusivity of art auctions. Everyone enjoyed drinks at the restaurant gem Scarpetta on West 14th Street and by 7:30 PM we were all seated to meet representatives from eBay to pepper them with questions about this new live art auction experience.

    The eBay private dinner at Scarpetta on Nov 7th photo by Jamie Martinez
    The eBay private dinner at Scarpetta on Nov 7th photo by Jamie Martinez

    It is a virtual entrance to auction houses salesrooms made available to the 152 million active eBay buyers from anywhere in the world. The power of the click of a bid at your fingertips gives you full access to premium art collectibles in the inventory of hundreds of world-class auction houses including premier partners such as Doyle New York, Freeman’s, Gath’s Auctions and Swann Auction Galleries. Sotheby’s is soon slated to join the fray and that is really throwing the doors wide open. All items are backed by the eBay Money Back Guarantee. Anyone who has the passion and the disposable income can bid on coveted items as though they were seated in the room and raising their paddle to the spectacle that is the AUCTION.

    “eBay’s live auctions offer everyone – from art aficionados to first-time buyers – a fresh, modern way to discover, browse and buy art online,” said Gene Cook, head of eBay art and collectibles. “We’re proud to mark this milestone by collaborating with Mario Wagner to curate the collective inspiration of our community and create an original piece that speaks to the elements that make our new live auctions experience exceptional.”

    Our table at the The eBay private dinner at Scarpetta on Nov 7th photo by Jamie Martinez
    Our table at the The eBay private dinner at Scarpetta on Nov 7th photo by Jamie Martinez

    This seems to be the progressive route for eBay as it is one of the world’s largest online marketplaces connecting people with the things they need and love virtually anytime. With more than 800 million live individual and merchant listings at any given time and mobile apps available in 190 countries, the reach of this new live auction experience is monumental. It still provides a personalized shopping experience that is instantaneously gratifying and seamless. For more information, visit www.ebay.com.

    Well, there you have it art aficionados. Exclusivity will always come at a price as far as the art world is concerned but the rush of acquiring the undefined and unquenchable thirst for meaning in your life – now that is priceless!

    To view the video of this eBay live art experience, please click below:

    Article by: Oscar A. Laluyan

    Photos provided by various sources and credited




    Oscar Laluyan

    Oscar Laluyan

    Oscar A. Laluyan is a critic, curator and an art writer for several online publications, . He has worked in a museum and at an art gallery founded by a former architect of Richard Meier's firm. His passion for contemporary art is reflected and directed to seeing the future.

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