• An Inclusive World: Bridging Communities

    USSEA Announcement 20152015 USSEA Regional Conference An Inclusive World: Bridging Communities

    Arte Fuse is proud to be one of the sponsors for the travelling project An Inclusive World and the 2015 USSEA Regional/InSEA endorsed Conference, who are partnering to provide a group exhibition and conference simultaneously.  In addition to media coverage, Arte Fuse will host an art workshop for the conference’s attendees.

    Conference’s Mission:

    Art education provides critical tools to enhance individuals and communities in their self-reflection, ways of being, and interpreting and resolving problems. While these settings are often separate entities, this conference will examine ways that participants might share resources, knowledge, and expertise to enrich their respective disciplines.

    Art in the classroom encourages young people to develop their talents that will benefit individuals and society as a whole. Museums have a long history in providing comprehensive information, including culture, history and science. However, it is in recent decades that there is an attempt to make museums accessible to all groups of individuals by adopting a policy of inclusion. Community arts can offer a deeper understanding of social dynamics and help to break down intergenerational biases.

    Power sharing is a dynamic, continual process necessary in achieving equity in the community, in museums, and in classrooms. For this reason USSEA will partner with the traveling project, An Inclusive World, to continue their common mission to broaden the definition of inclusive models through the integration of art education and art in society. An Inclusive World’s ethos celebrates all creativity without a hierarchical order, bridging groups of artists to advocate for a policy of inclusion. The conference’s five topics will be Inclusion In Learning Communities, Effective Tools For Diverse Community Engagement In The Museum, Debating The Stigma of “Outsider Art”, Art and Social Practice and High and Low Tech Tools For 21st Century Art Education.

    Participants will explore a variety of workshops, presentations and panels over the three day conference to provide a comprehensive investigation into using effective and innovative ways to reach diverse populations. In addition, the travelling project, An Inclusive World, will exhibit the works of artists of diverse backgrounds.


    For more information go to:  


    Please direct questions about the conference to USSEA Outreach Committee Chair Vida Sabbaghi at submission@aninclusiveworld.com



    Press release and photographs courtesy of the gallery and the artists. If you would like to submit your photo story or article, please email INFO@ARTEFUSE.COM.

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