• Constellations: wall ceramics by Sophie Gaucher

    Museum Quality Sophie Gaucher Constellations 07.17.14 1

    Museum Quality Sophie Gaucher Constellations 07.17.14 4July 17 2014. The evening saw the opening reception of Sophie Gaucher’s Constellations at Museum Quality, a concept space in Dumbo, New York. Guests arrived to find a locked door and six viewing windows.

    Constellations is a collection of individual wall ceramics that can be rearranged, referring to masked forms or heads; strangely crude, simultaneously bizarre yet empathic, they are presented like a contamination on the wall.

    In her execution, Miss Gaucher often draws from the history of grotesque, working along the lines of default architecture, resulting in a kaleidoscope of diverse forms, sense and nonsense, freed from limitations.

    What stands out is a restrained hand, coupled with lightness and wit, which make these sculptures so compelling and refreshingly modern.

    Museum Quality Sophie Gaucher Constellations 07.17.14 3

    Museum Quality Sophie Gaucher Constellations 07.17.14 2Most of the pieces are made with discarded ceramics and concrete, found in the rubbish heap. Some pieces are melted together to make an original, others created from scratch. What appears to be a seemingly loose collection is held tightly together by the fragile thread of a vivid imagination; not unlike the trial and error of humanity.

    Museum Quality is a minuscule space, in the setting of a mall, hidden behind a taxi cab dispatcher. It is an unlikely venue for showcasing conceptual art and design.

    In marked contrast to the cookie-cutter white cubes, Museum Quality is an attempt to design a forum that harkens back to ad hoc artist run spaces, with minimal red tape; an experimental lab to redefine the language of institution and space.

    The inherent limitations create the condition of a more hands on engagement with the public and passerby in real time. The curator and artist is challenged to “make-do” with resources at hand, led by an instant feedback loop, consistently editing. Boundaries of space become blurred. Hence, the street, the public triangle and private space become one. The space itself is a diorama of an ever evolving installation, distilled into pure form and an uncompromised aesthetic, with limitless possibilities.

    Museum Quality Sophie Gaucher Constellations 07.17.14 5


    Sophie Gaucher

    Wall Ceramics 

    July 17- August 10, 2014 

    Sophie Gaucher is a French artist, born in 1984, living and working in Paris. She graduated from l’Ecole des Beaux Arts de Paris in 2011. Her work is an attempt to approach different ways of drawing and sculpting.

    She assembles drawings with ceramics in installations. Her fascination for myths and rituals influences her work; often with scenes referring to theater, grotesque and black humour.

    For further information please contact the gallery at

    info@museumqualitynyc.com. All images are subject to copyright. Gallery approval must be granted prior to reproduction.


    Museum Quality

    59 Pearl Street

    Brooklyn, NY 11201

    Thursday-Sunday 12- 6pm



    photos:  Jonas Euvremer

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