AF Recommends Peter Campus: dredgers

Red Baskets (2013) by Peter Campus
Red Baskets (2013) by Peter Campus
Dredgers (2013) by Peter Campus
Dredgers (2013) by Peter Campus

This is Video Art that is aesthetically a beautiful landscape of forms, which can leave you arrested on your tracks. Tierney Gardarin is pleased to present videos from Peter Campus  for his solo exhibition dredgers. The pixilated world are informed studies of what can be paintings with its pop of colors and stacks of shapes suggesting an idyllic New England scene. At once familiar and innovative, one is bound to be captivated by the videos and will most certainly lose track of time. Art is always compelling when you allow yourself to get lost in its created universe and for that period consider being part of its plane. Check out this latest show on West 29th Street. You may think it is the final frontier to go that far but art comes and sprouts in all areas of Manhattan. Let the videos of Peter Campus dredge up your own perception and reveal before your eyes a new world to inhabit even just for that brief moment.


Peter Campus: dredgers / On View: March 7 – April 19, 2014

Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 10am till 6pm and by appointment

Tierney Gardarin. 546 West 29th Street. NYC, NY 10001


Text by: Oscar A. Laluyan

Art Images from Tierney Gardarin courtesy of the artist

Providence, (2012) by Peter Campus,
Providence, (2012) by Peter Campus
Oscar Laluyan

Oscar Laluyan

Oscar A. Laluyan is a critic, curator and an art writer for several online publications, . He has worked in a museum and at an art gallery founded by a former architect of Richard Meier's firm. His passion for contemporary art is reflected and directed to seeing the future.

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