How Artists are Embracing Accessibility to Increase Art Sales


Fine art became more accessible in 2013 thanks to popular sites like Artsy.netwhich according to now has “150,000 registered users.” While access to fine art has grown thanks to more online sources, many individual artists, such as Layla Fanucci, are seeing growing interest in their work as well.

Fanucci takes cues from sites like to become more accessible to patrons and new collectors. Her mantra: stay connected. She does this in traditional and non-traditional ways, including in-person exchanges, gallery representation, museum involvement, a book of her own, social media and frequent emails that keep her in touch with a growing list of followers.


In 2013, Fanucci sold 32 paintings for as much as $100,000, marking her best year to date in overall sales. Below, Fanucci shares her secrets for cultivating relationships and ensuring that she, along with her art, remains accessible.

1.)  Strike While the Iron is Hot: As the economy continues to improve, look for opportunities that put you outside your comfort zone and open up new avenues of connection, such as engaging in social media or hosting an in-studio cocktail reception.

2.)  Expand Your Portfolio: Look for ways to market your work, such as creating a book that highlights a collection of your work or getting involved with an author who may be working on a book that focuses on successful artists.

3.)  Collaborate: Talk to businesses about incorporating your art into a new product such as a wine bottle label or fashion accessory.

4.)  Invent Your Own Style: Focus on a type of art that has never been done before, (i.e. multi-layer, cityscape, grand-scale art that layers cities on top of cities) and focus on promoting this style online and in-person to differentiate yourself as an artist.

5.)  Step Outside of the Studio: Look for events and opportunities to connect with museum curators, press, collectors and patrons.

Check out the 32 paintings Fanucci sold in 2013:


You can also find more information on her website:

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