• Magic Custom Wants


    MAGIC CUSTOM WANTS is a self-released single, part of the 9-track album Where I am I by Brooklyn-based experimental musician, Tyler Rowe and video by Rachel Rossin. Through data-moshed, dream-like sequences, the video for MAGIC CUSTOM WANTS captures and tangles the total-body experience of love and the intrinsic pursuit of wholeness. A collaboration with fine artist Rachel Rossin, who smears her mystifying aesthetic of still, dynamic moments onto the ephemeral, makes even the most multi-layered, complex moments feel pure, human, and ceaseless. Rowe and Rossin dance in collaborative magic through luring, discordant symphonies and a visceral narrative that take the viewer through a dazzling and disorienting dream of labyrinth-like love.

    Rowe incorporates instruments like an electric kalimba, electric ukelele, sound loops of biting into an apple, and recordings of swimming underwater. The moshed artifacts of sound compose a song that hauntingly questions boundaries of our own truth and tempting tensions of attraction.


    Reminiscent of a wandering mind in deep sleep, the farrago picture of MAGIC CUSTOM WANTS culls through old memories of love—and with it, dizzying bliss, hollowing emptiness, and cosmic rediscovery of warmth within oneself—pulling you into a variegated swimming pool filled with the laments and limitations of one’s own happiness.

    MAGIC CUSTOM WANTS takes the raw practice of lossy data compression and stunning mix of unconventional sounds and creates a visual memento that streams into your senses, demanding that you lose yourself in order to enter the world of Rowe and Rossin.

    Article by Elena Parasco

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