• Paul Loya Gallery is proud to present a group exhibition, This Place Is Nowhere.

    coffee cups missing moon man gordon holden paul loya
    Coffee Cups Missing Moon Man by Gordon Holden at Paul Loya gallery
    this place is nowhere paul loya gallery
    This Place is Nowhere at Paul Loya Gallery

    This Place Is Nowhere, which features the works of artists Gordon Holden, Schoph and Corey Smith, brings together three artists who take a serious (or not so serious) look at the society that surrounds us. In a “selfie”-saturated world, these artists create works that are provocative and often satirical or sarcastic remarks on pop-culture and the masses. There is a synthesis of playful curiosity and critique of the contemporary culture which calls the viewer to both internal and external discernment and reflection. Each artist works with mixed media, composing images and materials into a thoughtful perspective.


    Corey Smith

    Corey Smith is a multi-media visual artist who currently resides between Los Angeles, Lake Tahoe and Portland, OR. He has been exhibiting his work in galleries throughout the US for over a decade. Smith has been featured in countless print magazines and online sources.

    Gordon Holden

    Gordon Holden was born in 1985 in suburban United States of America. After graduating from the University of Vermont, never having studied fine arts, he soon discovered that the only way to live in a world that strives for perfection is to do just the opposite. He describes his creations as a collection of things to like and things to



    Originally from Yorkshire in the North of England, Scophe is currently living out of a bag in his studio, travelling and showing his art at successful group and collaborative shows from the UK, throughout Europe and the US.


    For more information or images, please contact the gallery at info@paulloyagallery.com

    nowhere gordon holden
    Nowhere by Gordon Holden
    love letters cory smith paul loya
    Love Letters by Cory Smith at Paul Loya Gallery
    (Holly)DOOM gordon holden paul loya
    (Holly)DOOM by Gordon Holden at Paul Loya Gallery
    detail fakest tree gordon holden
    detail of Fakest Tree by Gordon Holden




    Press release and photographs courtesy of the gallery and the artists. If you would like to submit your photo story or article, please email INFO@ARTEFUSE.COM.

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