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_MG_3960The New God exhibition featuring a collection of photographs by Elizabeth Waugh is currently on display at Wallplay in New York City. The show consists of six photographic prints; 12 digital installations presented on screen displays; projections on the Wallplay building façade; and an ongoing digital experience accessible online at WWW.THENEWGOD.COM.

“I think there is a new relationship between artists and curators brewing—where the story telling that a curator shapes for an artist work has the opportunity to be told on multiple platforms and can be scaled to massive proportions” said curator Laura O’Reilly, who is currently obsessed with curating the digital age. This is why she founded Wallplay, as a multi-media exhibition space- to offer a gallery environment built for the digital age, and thenewgod.com has helped them activate their mission! There is also a closing reception on Halloween—make sure you stop by and check out the show!


Text by: Jamie Martinez

Photography by: Olya Turcihin




Here are 5 interviews with a brief description on the project:  

Natti Vogel

NATTI VOGELhttp://thenewgod.com/portfolio/natti-vogel/

Define “The New God” 

At this point in art and culture, “God” has been dead for well over half a century. What has risen in its place to satisfy the intrinsic human need to gape at that which is greater than itself? Commerce and technology have proved heady distractions, but the contemporary soul remains malnourished in the face of both material and digital addiction.

It has already become second-nature for society to ascribe an unprecedented narcissism and solipsism to my generation, the so-called “Milennials.” But what if the loud-mouthed introversion propagated by Generation Y just amounts to the calm before the storm? What if that storm is a renewed faith in one another, not just as citizens or as members of specific belonging, but rather as sovereign, transnational archetypes, oracles of unfathomable beauty? Belief dictates destiny and only value dictates value, so we might as well believe in one another’s value. Elizabeth does, and now so do I.


BIET SIMKIN: http://thenewgod.com/portfolio/biet-simkin/

 How do you create reality?

I don’t create reality, I co-create reality. If I created reality alone without the help of the higher it would be a flawed reality, one based in fear, anxiety and lust. Only with a union with the higher can creation be anything useful. When co-creating reality, copper is transformed into gold, fear is transformed into fuel and lust transformed into sex energy which is the greatest conduit of the divine that we here on earth are privy to.


LINA VIKTOR:  http://thenewgod.com/portfolio/lina-viktor/

How have you broken convention?

By being myself and accepting myself – and making zero apologies for it.


RASHEED DANIEL: http://thenewgod.com/portfolio/rasheed-daniel/

What new systems of value and exchange are being created around you?

There is value in your image. I argue with the idea that pop culture is bad. I’ve always applauded Jay Z, Britney Spears and Michael Jackson for understanding that their image represents a true sense of value. They all became as popular as Coca-Cola and I salute them for taking the chances that led to that. Yes the US weekly generation looks for ‘stars who are just like us’ but we also idolize those who surpass expectation….and give lots of money to people who change the game and reinvent what we thought was possible. Unlike the past there is no value in staying stagnant these days. No one wants the gold watch after 25 years of service. The ability to adapt and grow does not only have value – it is priceless.


EMERAD FITZGERALD: http://thenewgod.com/portfolio/emerald-fitzgerald/

How is your generation distinct?

Wishful and positive. Making magic happen.


Media Contact: A&O PR

Lainya Magaña | lainya@aopublic.com



118 Orchard NY NY

Open Daily 11am­7pm





Jamie Martinez

Jamie Martinez

Jamie Martinez is the founder/publisher of ARTE FUSE contemporary art platform and the founder/director of The Border Project Space. He is an artist using the concept of triangulation throughout his work. His process involves constructing, deconstructing and fragmenting images, data, and information geometrically into triangulated segments. Follow him @JamieMartinezStudio WWW.JAMIEMARTINEZ.NET

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