• Klaus Enrique: The Reaping at Rebecca Hossack Gallery from October 16 – November 6, 2013

    Klaus Enrique: The Reaping at Rebecca Hossack Gallery
    Klaus Enrique: The Reaping at Rebecca Hossack Gallery

    Rebecca Hossack Gallery NYC is proud to present Klaus Enrique: The Reaping, a solo show featuring works by New York based artist Klaus Enrique. A series of photographic portraits, Enrique’s creations complicate and investigate notions of the ephemeral.

    Utilizing materials such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, and animal remains, Enrique produces glorious human forms and captures them in a rare moment of ripeness, preserving the perfection that precedes inevitable decay. Enrique breathes new life into these forms, harvesting, reaping, and reconfiguring them as beautiful, often dark portraits.

    Enrique’s work finds a foundation in the 16th century paintings of Giuseppe Arcimboldo. Using Arcimboldo’s work as a platform from which to build, Enrique adopts the painstaking task of recreating his imaginative portraits, whose beauty rest on the placement of a perfectly shaped pear, flower, or tree root.

    Klaus Enrique: The Reaping at Rebecca Hossack Gallery
    Klaus Enrique: The Reaping at Rebecca Hossack Gallery

    While Arcimboldo studied his subjects through the medium of paint, Enrique mechanically captures his subjects in real time before they cease to be viable. Because of this, the surrealistic quality of Enrique’s work is juxtaposed with an important quality of realism, bringing to the forefront both the transitory nature of life, and the richness of a captured moment.

    “Painting has the inalienable ability to create a fantasy completely removed from reality,” said Enrique. “Photography arguably lacks that trait, but in return it provides a picture of reality that the most consummate photorealist can hardly match. This series brings a fantasy back to life.”

    Pushing beyond the realm of Arcimboldo’s scope, Enrique’s work has moved into the arena of contemporary visual culture through his reinterpretations of icons like Darth Vader, Princess Diana, and Ghandi. This has dramatically propelled Enrique’s work into the modern age, exploring new domains of darkness and nostalgia. The result is a body of work which exceeds the sum of its parts and speaks to the immense potential of living things.

    Klaus Enrique: The Reaping at Rebecca Hossack Gallery
    Klaus Enrique: The Reaping at Rebecca Hossack Gallery

    Born in 1975, Klaus Enrique grew up in Mexico City. He studied genetics at the University of Nottingham, England, and received his MBA fromColumbia Business School in New York City. Enrique turned to photography, while a student at Parsons School of Deisgn and the School of Visual Arts, and began to receive worldwide attention in 2007 when his portrait, Mother & Daughter, was short listed for the Photographic Portrait Prize atLondon’s National Portrait Gallery. Enrique had his first solo exhibition in 2008 and currently lives in New York City.


    The Rebecca Hossack Gallery in New York was opened in May 2011, and was founded by the renowned London art dealer Rebecca Hossack to sit globally along side her two successful London galleries. Originally from Australia, Hossack founded the London galleries in 1988 and has built a reputation for exhibiting contemporary art of rare individual vision.


    The New York City gallery space resides on Mott Street between Houston and Prince Street in Nolita.

    Rebecca Hossack Gallery

    262 Mott Street

    New York, NY10012

    T. 212 925 3500





    Press release and photographs courtesy of the gallery and the artists. If you would like to submit your photo story or article, please email INFO@ARTEFUSE.COM.

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