• “From Rome to New York: Signs, Lines and Shapes”

    “From Rome to New York: Signs, Lines and Shapes”
    “From Rome to New York: Signs, Lines and Shapes”

    Onishi Project presented a collaborative international show with the Galleria André in Rome, Italy, “From Rome to NY: Signs, Lines and Shapes.” This exhibit, premiering in New York City with a second opening in Rome on May 23, 2013, showcases three Italian artists, two American artists and a Japanese artist whose work re-imagines the geometry of signs, lines, and shapes through vivid composition and color.

    “From Rome to New York: Signs, Lines and Shapes”
    “From Rome to New York: Signs, Lines and Shapes”

    With a variety of materials—oil on canvas, ink on paper, mixed media, and photography—the artwork in this exhibition explores the limits of abstract design. Marco Angelini and Barbara Rosenzweig create stark compositions whose conscious patterns and saturated colors communicate the speed and weight of modern design. Michele Ciacciofera and H. Hugh Miller’s creations play with light and focus, presenting images of human beings and landscapes whose outlines and shadows blur viewers’ perceptions as much as they sharpen them. And Giancarlino Benedetti Corcos and Wataru Matsumura explore the possibilities of image layering. They weave together spheres, symbols, and lines to create overlapping designs whose whole disguises and reveals images that each part cannot do alone. Together, these six artists expose the raw and polished art of geometry that lies within the natural landscape, the human form, and abstract pattern.

    “From Rome to New York: Signs, Lines and Shapes”
    Gallerist Nana Onishi

    Onishi Project was established in 2012 as the art management division of Onishi Gallery, located in Chelsea, an art district of New York City and the center of the contemporary art world. At Onishi Project, we create a global market for emerging and mid-career artists by promoting their artwork in gallery exhibitions, in art fairs, and through dialogue with collectors and museum curators. Please find complete biographies for participating artists and images of their work on the Onishi Project website: http://onishiproject.com/artists.

    Artist  Marco Angelini
    Artist Marco Angelini

    Marco Angelini

    Marco Angelini was born in 1971 in Rome, Italy. He studies the urban phenomenon to understand how people are involved in the processes of constant transformation. He uses the painted surface as a meeting place for different shapes and materials, and believes strongly that art plays a decisive role in society: giving visibility back to things, generating attention and creating new opportunities for sharing, communication and interrogation. Marco Angelini has exhibited in Israel, Germany, Italy, England, and Poland, among other countries.

    Marco Angelini lives and works in Rome and Warsaw, Poland.

    Giancarlino Benedetti Corcos

    Giancarlino Benedetti Corcos was born in Rome in 1954 and graduated from the National Institute for Graphics to join the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Rome. The numerous solo and group exhibitions in which his work has been exhibited include: Aldobrandini Stables “Collective,” Frascati 2003; Gallery Giulia, Rome 2004; Pian dei Giullari Gallery, Rome 2005; André Gallery, Rome, 2006; “Louvre Museum” Gallery, Rome 2007; Center of contemporary Art of Franz Paludetto, Castello di Rivara, 2008; the comedy “the Minotaur” at Giulia Gallery, Rome 2008; “The Stazzosa” from Raffo Venier, Ateneo Veneto, Venice 2009; Pottery in Castellamonte Canavese, 2010; Venice Biennale 2011, Palazzo Venezia, Rome; “From silence to noise – sounds and scenes across to the house of words and colors,” with lyrics by Laura Rossi, House of Literature, Rome 2011; Peter and the Wolf by Cinieri e Palazzo, Auditorium Parco della Musica, Rome, 2011. Giancarlino Benedetti Corcos currently lives and works in Rome.

    Michele Ciacciofera

    Michele Ciacciofera was born in Sardinia in 1969 and participated in his first artistic training in the studio of painter and architect Gian Antonio Sulas. For years he devoted himself to a careful study of the landscape, reflecting on the relationship between human beings and the environment. Out of his readings of Elias Canetti and travels to Morocco in 2000, Ciacciofera produced a series of paintings entitled “Marrakech,” which were exhibited across Italy and France. Ciacciofera next created a series of large-scale paintings inspired by Goethe’s Italian Journey, shown in Italy and New Mexico. In recent years, his work has been featured in solo shows in Berlin, Miami and New York. Michele Ciacciofera currently lives and works in Syracuse.

    “From Rome to New York: Signs, Lines and Shapes”
    “From Rome to New York: Signs, Lines and Shapes”

    Wataru Matsumura

    Wataru Matsumura lives and works in Kumamoto, Japan. With just pen and paper, he creates intricate and time-consuming pieces that evoke the textile traditions of both Japanese kimonos and western fabric designs. Akira Sakata, Adviser at the Kumamoto Prefectural Art Museum, says of Matsumura’s work: “I feel that the density of Matsumura’s paintings as well as his spirit have intensified in his work, much like in a Buddhist mandala. Matsumura’s minute and masterfully controlled technique of pen drawing creates a small and mysterious universe, alien like the moon and the places of fairy tales.” Select exhibitions of Matsumura’s work include: Affordable Art Fair, New York, NY, 2013; Red Dot Art Fair, Miami, FL, 2012;
Onishi Gallery Group Show, New York, NY, 2012; Biennale Kumamoto, Kumamoto, Japan, 2010, 2008; Inchon International Art Exhibition, Inchon, Korea, 1997. Wataru Matsumura lives and works in Kumamoto, Japan.

    “From Rome to New York: Signs, Lines and Shapes”
    “From Rome to New York: Signs, Lines and Shapes”

    H. Hugh Miller

    H. Hugh Miller is a fine art photographer who works primarily in France, Singapore, and the United States. Miller’s digital photography uses natural light and settings, focusing on clarity and simplicity of the image. Most photographs are printed only once in large format on canvas, although he also prints on silk, bamboo paper, and metal. Recent exhibited projects include closeups of colorful boat hulls reflecte in water, photographs of the tools and workplaces of artists, and floral still life photography that verges on the abstract, with bright color and limited depth of field. Select recent exhibitions of Miller’s work include “Landscape of Light and Color,”
Onishi Gallery, New York, 2013, Townley Gallery, Laguna Beach, California, 2012;
Quai d’Honneur, Bormes Les Mimosas, France, 2012; and Gallerie Des Artistes, Bormes Les Mimosas, France, 2011. H. Hugh Miller lives and works in Avon, CT and Bormes les Mimosas, France

    Barbara Rosenzweig

    Barbara Rosenzweig responds to questions that she asks herself not only when she begins each painting, but throughout the entire process until fruition. These questions investigate the interrelationship and complexity of lines, colors, and surfaces. The question of line: is this line a measure? Is it color? Is it a vestige of a transverse plane? Is it a directional signifier? How fast is it moving? The question of color: is it emotional? Is it abstract? Is it aesthetic? Does it give weight to the various parts of the painting? Can line and color share equal weight? The question of surface: will it operate as a base color or will it bear the gestalt that allows it to operate interactively with the lines? Viewers might be drawn into the rhythm of the work with immediacy but it is only with time that they will recognize the subtleties and playfulness that exists in these paintings. Select exhibitions of Rosenzweig’s work include: Red Dot Art Fair, Miami, FL, 2012; 
Articblue Gallery, group show, Ibiza, Spain, 2012; The Four Seasons Restaurant, New York, NY, 2011;
Camden Art Center, group show, London, England, 2011;
Archaelogical Museum of Pitigliano, Pitigliano, Italy, 2011;
M.U.S.E.E., Galleria Cavour, Bologna, Italy, 2011;
Onishi Gallery, group show, New York, NY, 2011; Art Gotham Gallery, group show, New York, NY 2008, 2007; Graphic Eye Gallery, group show, Pt. Washington, NY, 2006; Antico Castello di Rapallo, Rapallo, Italy, 2005; Port Washington Public Library, group show, Pt. Washington, NY, 2004. Barbara Rosenzweig currently lives and works in New York.

    “From Rome to New York: Signs, Lines and Shapes”
    “From Rome to New York: Signs, Lines and Shapes”

    ARTISTS:  Marco Angelini, Giancarlino Corcos BenedettiMichele Ciacciofera, Wataru Matsumura, H. Hugh Miller, Barbara Rosenzweig

    For more information, please visit our website at www.onishiproject.com or contact Nana Onishi: nana@onishigallery.com / 212.695.8035. The address of our Chelsea gallery is 521 West 26th Street, New York, NY 10001.



    Press release and photographs courtesy of the gallery and the artists. If you would like to submit your photo story or article, please email INFO@ARTEFUSE.COM.

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