Italian Vibrations

Italian Vibrations 08

Italian vibrations Alessandro Berni _ Alessandro Del Pero _ Nadesha Mijoba _ Verdiana Patacchini _ Antonio Pio Saracino

Italian Vibrations Hollow hearts _ Borinquen Gallo  Meeting between contemporary Italian art and the American public.

This is planet Connecticut. We’re in New London and precisely at Provenance Center, one of the most important galleries in the entire New England region. On the occasion of the “Year of Italian Culture” currently underway in the US, the owner of the gallery, Nadesha Mijoba, has invited the writer Alessandro Berni, to be the guest curator for a group show with Italian artists.

The result is Italian Vibrations, an exhibition by six artists, with a total of twenty works shown.

Apart from the Italian blood pulsing through all the participants’ veins, another feature common to the entire exhibition is the Benjaminian concept of aura in a work of art.

Italian Vibrations Andrea Bianconi

Italian Vibrations Verdiana Patacchini

Italian Vibrations 07

The group show includes the video “Romance” by Andrea Bianconi. This is the first time this work has been presented to the public and it is a rare example of mental cinema, obtained from 5000 drawings made by the artist in six months.

A notable novelty for the United States are the two design objects provided by Antonio Pio Saracino. These two prototypes are presented here for the first time in the USA after they were given their worldwide preview in Dubai, during that city’s annual design fair.

As representatives of sensitiveness and of Italian women’s aesthetic flair, we have  Borinquen Gallo, an artist, whose creations operate like visual metaphors that investigate the commoditization of the emotions and the destructuring of the ordinary, and Verdiana Patacchini who, with the works on show, offers us a painting that involves a searching and trepidations, composed of signs and figures emptied of their meaning, thus emphasizing their visual value.

Italian Vibrations 06

Italian Vibrations _ Stair Chairs _ Antonio Pio Saracino

Italian vibrations 09

The exhibition also gives us the opportunity, through the works “The Martyr” by Paolo Pelosini and “Efforts” by Alessandro Del Pero, to reflect on the fact that our Nation’s two thousand year old Christian roots have contributed to giving it its unique identity.

Italian Vibrations will be staged at the Provenance Center until April 26th. The exhibition is the confirmation that the Italian artists continue to offer to the international art scene new ideas both, about their origin but also visions for the future, wherever this will be.


Article by: Sarah Corona





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