Lambert Fine Arts : The Conventional Codes Of

Conventional Codes of at Lambert Fine Arts
Conventional Codes of at Lambert Fine Arts

My religion makes me a virgin.  The glossy magazines make me a whore.  To my government, I am a weapon of war.” – Catinca Tabacaru

There are few figurative representations historically that challenge the traditional understanding of gender.  Mary Cassatt’s Woman in Black at the Opera (1880) depicting an active, attentive unaccompanied woman and Alice Neel’s nude Self Portrait painted at 80-years old (1980) are titillating challenges to the status quo.  But while gender roles are not as stable, not as oppressive in our contemporary society as they once were, one cursory look at any glossy magazine or Hollywood movie reveals that we’ve taken little more than a baby step away from the me-Tarzan-you-Jane approach.  The virtual world has added yet another layer of limitations for our identity, our sexuality, our true public selves.

“There is an idealized image for everything and reality is starting to become insufficient, unable to satisfy visually.  This leads to a feeling of not-belonging to a true reality but rather a surreal one. The everyday becomes background to a new “fabricated” reality, similarly the soul becomes the background, or second-place, to our appearance and not the reverse.”  – Rachel Monosov

In The Conventional Codes Of, four artists break down the idealized image culture holds of the formal world.

“It is about transcending, stripping, reconstructing or mimicking the formal world and attempting to bypass our spatio-temporal limitations to reveal and elucidate the underlying and overlying abstract qualities or principles which govern these forms or our relationship to them ” – Christin Paige Minnotte

 Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Sunday 1-8pm

Lambert Fine Arts

57 Stanton Street. NYC, NY 10002





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