Poppington and Lyons Wier Gallery present: Badlands, curated by David Barnett, David Chang, and Derrick B. Harden

Badlands is the first show to be held in 2013 in the gallery at Poppington. The multi-media exhibition will showcase the work of Evan Brown, Greg Haberny, and Phil. These three artists– a photographer, a painter/sculptor, and a graffiti-writer/ fashion-designer– use their different mediums to explore themes of rebellion, politics, vice, kitsch, and pornography. This show explores how artists turn to lurid subjects and sensational images, both as a way of expressing themselves and capturing the attention of others.

A Philadelphia native, Evan Brown has spent the last decade examining the underbelly of New York’s subculture in a style that is as unapologetic as it is provocative. Part Renaissance man, part urban voyeur, Evan brings to light the perverse beauty and contradictions of its occupants through the use of classic film photography and Polaroid.

Greg Haberny’s multimedia works showcase his distinctly chaotic approach to life and art. Incorporating elements of Western commerce and trash culture, Haberny explores the havoc of modern existence in his own manic style. Exploding off of gallery walls with a compulsive energy, his work is an experiment in madness and repetition, like Jackson Pollock on Prozac.

Phil is a young writer with one of the slickest calligraphic hand styles in New York City. Formally trained in costume, fashion and graphic design, Phil also creates fine-art fashion pieces including ready-to-wear hand painted jackets, Incorporating aspects of hip hop, glam, biker and punk culture, his work brims with sleaze and irony, a distinctive vision of Americana.

Poppington is Damon Dash’s newest downtown factory. Located in the Lower East Side, the multi-disciplinary space provides artists, graphic designers, and musicians a place to come together and realize their creative visions.

Located on W. 24th Street in the heart of Chelsea’s gallery district, Lyons Wier Gallery champions contemporary artists who bring a fresh and interpretative spirit to their chosen genre.




Press release and photographs courtesy of the gallery and the artists. If you would like to submit your photo story or article, please email INFO@ARTEFUSE.COM.

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