Fashion Week Kicks Off at the Meatpacking Diz

Sexy is Back this Season 
Lace and Panties on the Runway
Shine and Light Up the Runway
Fashion so bright that you gotta have shades

Wearable art in full glory happens twice a year and February at this time of the month is the Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Week bringing warm toasty feelings in this blustery winter of New York City. Last February 7th, AF attended the gilded Rococo enclave of Griffin at 50 Ganseevort Street for a night of fashion and fabulousity with numerous shows by emerging designers. We have witnessed the heir apparent of designers following in the glorious couture footsteps of John Galliano, Yves Saint-Laurent, and Stephen Sprouse. Dare we say, could this be the perfect marriage of fashionista and gallerista? The common factor here is PRESENTATION at all times and you’d better work those Loubotin’s sweetie because Fashion Week has begun.


text by: Oscar A. Laluyan

fashion photos by: Jamie Martinez

A peek at the Models
Fashion Week Kicks Off at the Meatpacking Diz
Check out the latest designs to start Fashion Week
Up Close to Fabulosity at the Griffin





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