“Emissaries of the Afterglow” The Art of John Selburg

John Selburg – Artist
“Emissaries of the Afterglow” The Art of John Selburg
“Emissaries of the Afterglow” The Art of John Selburg

Running until February 16th, 2013, Tazza Gallery, located in the heart of the gallery district in Chelsea, will present “Emissaries of the Afterglow” paintings by the young American artist, John Selburg. 

Considered to be one of the most imaginative artists of our time John Selburg is a painter, writer and teacher from Peoria, IL. The pictures for this exhibition consist of a series of creatures (the “Emissaries of the Afterglow”) skillfully painted on paper using ink and watercolor. Each of these pieces is a unique and compelling work of art. These beings, according to the artist, serve as dignified messengers, “they are intended to usher us into a realm where imagination plays a vital roll in emancipating us from a herd mentality.” 

Tazza Gallery, 547 W 27th St, Suite 533. Tuesday through Saturday, 12 – 6.

Late night reception every Thursday, 6-8 pm. For more information visit us at www.tazzagallery.com or on Facebook.

Selburg  Untitled 4, Ink on BFK and Mylar
Curator Veronica Santi with artist Erick Sanchez and Friends

John Selburg. Artist’s Statement 

“The Emissaries of the Afterglow” is a series of unique creatures (The Emissaries) which are the product of my imagination. The “Afterglow” alludes to the time of day just after sunset that some of us call “the magic hour.” Various cultures have stories about human awareness being heightened during this time enabling interaction between humans and “messengers” that are usually beyond normal perception. The imagination, a sense equally important as the five basic human senses, is capable of perceiving what is beyond the scope of common logic; it sparks our awareness during the afterglow. For this body of work, the imagined creatures are meant to usher us into a heightened awareness of reality beyond the surface and into a realm where imagination plays a vital roll in emancipating us and protecting us from a herd mentality.

Each one of these entities is a unique work of art rendered with inks, some also using watercolor and or marker, on BFK and mylar and presented in my own hand made frames.


Photos by Vincent Zambrano

“Emissaries of the Afterglow” The Art of John Selburg
Denis Arguedas – Director and Partner of Tazza Gallery


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