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Dutch multidisciplinary artist Mike Redman (1978) knew at a very early age which direction he’d head into. His first short videofilm he made at age fourteen. It garnered him a lot of publicity and a job at a renowned special effects studio where he built up an impressive resume as a special make-up effects artist and model maker for international movie and television productions.  

Faces of Curacao ©Mike Redman

After this fruitful period, Redman has concentrated on independently producing and directing videoclips, television programs and documentaries and continued experimenting with video and audio within the art field. His style is best described as headstrong simplicity. Redman has won several prestigious international awards for his art documentary ‘Anagram’ (2008). He internationally exposed his work at various galleries and museums. He recently had great success with his ‘Faces of Curacao’ project that consists of a series of abstract photographs made on the island of Curacao. And his contribution to ArtTube, an art project commissioned by Museum Boijmans van Beuningen. His latest documentary film ‘Sample: not for sale’ about bridging gaps between different musical generations and the sampling culture within music, received incredible response. Many stated that this is the most comprehensive documentary that deals with this subject. Mike Redman also wrote a book about the unorthodox production of this documentary entitled ‘The sample diary’.

Turntable & chair ©Mike Redman

Redman is also known for his peculiar way of producing music. Besides dozens of international album releases as a record producer he has created an independent record label, produces film scores, alternative dance music (as Deformer) and travels the world with his different music projects. Most of the time his various skills blend, resulting in interesting projects.

Meatcleaver ©Mike Redman

Mike Redman recently collaborated with visual artist Faranú and develops a multidisciplinary exhibition at the Bose Pacia art gallery in Dumbo, Brooklyn New York entitled: ‘Diagonals Used for Mapping Brooklyn’s Overview’.

Mike Redman, P.O. Box 61184, 3002 HD Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

W: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Redman  E: [email protected]

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