Featured Artist: Faranú

Featured artist: Faranú


Europe based artist Faranú (1980) Graduated (B.A. degree) in 2008 at the Willem de Kooning Academy of fine Arts, Rotterdam The Netherlands where she lives and works. During her study Faranú was coached by various established Dutch artists. Short after her graduation she had several group exhibitions including a Duo Exhibition with the well-known Dutch artist Diet Wiegman at the World Trade Center Art Gallery.

Faranú sculpture Beijing 2010

After various exhibitions Faranú received a great response from Dutch art critics and collectors, she decided to temporarily go to New York City in 2010 to exhibit her work and expand her interest in the international art field. This visit resulted in various successful exhibitions and an invitation for Art Beijing, China in 2011. In the same year Faranú has won the prestigious ‘talent of the year 2012‘ award presented by established Dutch art platform the Kunstweek (Artweek). In 2012 she was nominated for the Dutch ‘artist of the year award’ alongside national greats like Anton Corbijn (U2, Coldplay, Miles Davis), Marlene Dumas and Erwin Olaf. In 2013 Faranú will do an artist in residence at Bose Pacia gallery during the ‘Transparent Studio’ project in (Dumbo art district) New York with multidisciplinary artist Mike Redman. Her work is currently featured in the Hycide magazine art issue launched at Rush Art Gallery NY.

Faranú Charcoal Drawing 2011

Artist statement

Faranú mostly uses traditional materials such as charcoal and ceramics, but in a contemporary way. Her drawings and sculptures are often based on historical subjects formed into her own neo-mythical topics. They are expressive creations, part-human, part-animal, sometimes monstrous and abstract figures that are spontaneously drawn in a very recognizable way. But are the images that you see really what you think they are? The strong dark charcoal strokes and vague imagery create a unique play of lines and sometimes create a dreamy atmosphere. Faranú’s drawings and sculptures appear powerful in their size and positioning, but at the same time her figurative works leave plenty of room for the observer’s imagination. Her latest drawings reveal ‘a universal language with a different personal context’. 


P.O. Box 61184, 3002 HD Rotterdam, The Netherlands   T +31 (0) 6 81826622

E info@faranu.com   W faranu.com


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