Amos Eno Gallery Presents a Perfect Quad

Loving the Art at Amos Eno Gallery
Action Packed at Amos Eno Gallery

Harmony and balance are two things that takes time for any artist to master. It takes discipline and a shrewd editing eye to capture those qualities existing in equal measure with every piece created. Amos Eno Gallery on Front Street in Brooklyn presented four such artists mastering Resilient Suspension. AF trekked off the island last January 12th to traverse boroughs and explore the DUMBO (down under Manhattan Bridge overpass) area to discover the vibrant art scene. 

Artist Kinuko Imai Hoffman
Space (2012) by Kinuko Imai Hoffman

Kinuko Imai Hoffman at the front gallery on the right presented soft muted palette of mixed media assemblages. The quiet and pared down interpretations evoke a Zen-like Japanese aesthetic but the evident brush strokes owe to Chinese calligraphy brush strokes. The wall-mounted works are her personal interpretations of daily life and it is safe to deduce that it’s her placid moments based on the calming effect of her oeuvre. 

Artist Jane Sangerman (R) with guest
Strata No 19 (2012) by Jane Sangerman

Jane Sangerman at the back section on the right side has presented nuanced and very layered multi-media works on paper, Her warmer yellows and ochre tinged pieces are studies in space. The breathing space created between each element is also given dynamic punch by incorporating found objects such as  mesh, which added a honeycomb-like dimension to the pieces shown. 

Artist Brett Charles Thonpson
Rogers House (2012) by Brett Charles Thompson

Brett Charles Thompson at the front left side presented recent paintings with the most vivid colors and geometric abstracts that are dynamic to behold. There is a very concise plotting and grid-like pattern evident in his composition. The color blocks and symbols serve as a pseudo-map for the viewer to explore or unfold. His careful and considerate hand at structuring and composition is a boon to the colorist in all of us. 

Artist Blaise Tobia 
Cyclone (2012) by Blaise Tobia

Blaise Tobia situated at the back left displayed large prints for his “Catastrophes” series consisting of everyday mundane objects blown up to a spectacular striking scale. A circular blade in a dark background oozes an alluring yet dangerous appeal. The skillful choice of subject and printing out the finer details produces imagery that can be provocative with its artistic weight. 

The Brooklyn Art Scene on a Saturday night

Each artist managed to be suspended in an energetic field of dynamism that prevents their work from being read as flat. It is imbued with just the right amount of push-pull elements and that is indeed harmonious balance realized.


RESILIENT SUSPENSION / On View: January 9 – February 2, 2013

Gallery Schedule: Wednesday – Saturday (12 – 6 pm)

Amos Eno Gallery. 111 Front Street, Suite 202. Brooklyn, NY 11201


Art Review by: Oscar A. Laluyan

Art Images from Amos Eno Gallery courtesy of the artists

Event Photography by: Jamie Martinez

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The press release and the photographs are courtesy of the gallery and the artists.

  1. Very nice review. Congratulations Amos Eno. Keep it up. Walter Thompson. [I miss you all.]

  2. Jane Sangerman’s work is lovely up close. Like you only see the half of it at a distance.
    I’m the one “loving the art” in the first image. Thanks.

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