• Featured Artist: Malik Ameer

    Artist statement:
    My work explores the intricate relationship between ancient and contemporary artistic modes of expression. Utilizing digital media as a tool for synthesis, I integrate traditional forms of poetry, music, myth-narrative and performance with computer-generated content, video, rap and urban life. Being that the majority of my work is improvised, it refuses a linear course; instead, it moves through fractals that produce surreal journeys for the attentive participant. By weaving a language full of paradox, I construct keys for deciphering these esoteric webs.
    With these methods I intend to provoke an examination of ancestry, memory, inner-dimensionality, and their effects on personal regeneration. The central aim is to provide the audience/viewer/user with an organic, authentic experience that offers the opportunity to engage in a mutual virtual dream. From disparate, obscure origins, this mixture of elements eventually arrives at a harmony wherein a transformative resolution is attained.
    Artist bio:
    Malik Ameer is an experimental improvisational poet, rapper, video artist, writer, and producer who explores alternative literature, film and music for esoteric enthusiast. Having grown up in Oakland, California during the height of experimental underground hip hop, Malik remains inspired by the fundamental principles of that period: Weird originality. Obsessed with ancient mythology, folktales and all forms of indigenous spiritual expressions Malik’s works are usually allegorical confessions of mythological and religious characters. He currently resides in Spanish Harlem, New York. His most recent works are the albums he co-produced with Leron Thomas entitled “…Take It” as well as the new album and video project he is working on with David Michel-Ruddy entitled “Life Mediums” and finally his second book of poetry entitled “Little Everywhere”.


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